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tdominey May 1, 2001 08:36 AM
'Cannot Copy Into Itself' !? WTF?!
I've developed an odd behavior in 9.1. Whenever I insert a CD and try to copy the contents to my desktop, or to any other mounted drive (internal and external firewire) I get an error that reads "Cannot Copy File Into Itself."

Nothing I do can move the files except creating a stuffed archive from the CD onto my HD, then unstuffing. Ridiculous, but it's the only way I could get them off.

And this happens with many CDs, not just one. Any ideas?
Gregg May 1, 2001 12:21 PM
Well, you can't copy from any removable media to your Finder's desktop. All you can do is move it to the medium's desktop. So, if I put in a floppy, and drag something from it to the "desktop", then eject the floppy, the item on the "desktop" disappears.

As far as copying to another drive, I can't say what the problem is there. Does it only happen with CDs? How about a zip or floppy? (Perhaps you only have one type of drive for removables.)
chucke May 1, 2001 05:46 PM
I know exactly what you mean! I have the same problem in 9.1 when copying from CD's to my hard drives.

I don't know why it is happening or how to get rid of it. But, to save you from stuffing.... if you make a new folder and copy the contents into that folder it usually works. Something to do with copying 'certain' folders as a whole. Wish I could help more.

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Allah May 4, 2001 08:56 PM
I have a G4 AGP DVD-RAM and don't experience this problem my self. In fact I don't experience many problems at all.

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