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scottrussell May 4, 2001 12:12 PM
font text-clipping despite new drivers
Any ideas on this?

My new Epson Stylus 880 creates "chopped-off" letters. This problem is well-documented on their website & the updated drivers are supposed to fix this problem. But even with the drivers, the right side of some letters is not printed.

It seems to occur most with fonts which have a rightward "lean" like Edwardian Script. You can accomodate for this phenomena by adding extra spaces to the right of the last character on the line, but that's a real pain. So for most text, my printer is unusable.

Here's where it gets interesting. I called Epson's tech support line. They walked me through another clean install of the driver & update. They then asked me to cut & past the offending text into SimpleText. And SimpleText printed it perfectly!

They said it must be the fault of my word processing software (I see chopped letters with Word 2001, WordPerect 3.5, and TexEdit 4.1) since it works well with SimpleText.

Has anyone else had similar difficulties despite updated drivers? Any ideas on how to fix this? Since SimpleText is not an acceptable word processor, I'm tempted to return the printer & buy an HP.

Scott Russell
Memphis, TN

enduser May 5, 2001 07:52 PM
What kind of fonts are these? True Type, Type 1? Do you have ATM or Suitcase installed?

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scottrussell May 6, 2001 05:26 PM
Thanks for listening....

Edwardian Script is a true-type font. I do not have ATM installed or any font-management software. Thanks.
scottrussell May 8, 2001 10:28 AM
Well, I'll go ahead and close this one out...

I've taken my Epson printer back to Best Buy & replaced it with an HP Deskjet 952c. It's working beautifully. Too bad Epson can't get it's printer drivers to cooperate with the Mac's major word processors.

The End

Scott Russell
Memphis, TN
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