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shalom777 May 7, 2001 11:59 AM
Defaulting to "List" view
When creating new folders on shared volumes on our file server, they default to "Icon" view, which is a major pain in the butt. The only way we've discovered to correct this is after the folder is created is to go to the server itself and set up the views the way we'd like.

Is there a better way of doing this? Can you set it so that all new folders default to the "List" view?
Patrick May 7, 2001 02:03 PM
When a new folder is created inside an existing folder, it defaults to the same view preferences. If the first folder is in list view, the new one will be in list view, and so on. But if you're doing this via file sharing, when you change the view settings, it only changes how you see things on your own computer. The solution would probably be to go to the file server and changing the root folder (the one in which you're creating new folders) to list view.
Gregg May 8, 2001 09:48 AM
777, you don't mention what OS you're using. I use 8.1 and have never discovered a way to change the default. However, I disovered a nifty OS enhancement called FinderViewContextMenu. It allows you to set up several combinations of window settings and name them yourself. You then have a contextual menu to change several attributes at once. With a one click, slide, slide, release, I go from large icons that don't snap to the window grid, to small buttons, arranged by name - or whatever. I called that one KAbNsmB for keep arranged by name, small buttons. Of course, you can set up your list preferences too. You just have to open a window, change it with the conventional two or three menu clicks, and then name it in FVCM. It's quick, simple, and convenient, and it's only $9 as I recall. It works with OS8, but I don't know about 9. I'm sure you can find a link for it using a search engine.

shalom777 May 8, 2001 10:44 AM
Ooops. We're running OS 9 - for the most part.

Now here's an interesting little bit of trivia ...
We've got several "legacy" machines connect as well - Quadra 605's (running 7.6) and when they create folders, they show up as "list" view. However, when the G4's and machines running 9 create folders they show up as "Icon"


Patrick, I checked, and the root folder is set to "list" as well.
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