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Chet Ript May 9, 2001 12:20 AM
Will iTunes/DiscBurner ever support Iomega Predator 8x/4x/32x?
I just bought an Iomega firewire CD/RW but neither itunes, or more importantly, DiscBurner seem to support it. I have the latest versions of each. Am I doing something wrong or is this drive just officially unsupported? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
Bugs Bunny May 9, 2001 12:35 AM
Hey, how do you like the Iomega Predator? Doesn't it come with Toast? Anyway, I am thinking of getting one, and would appreciate any feedback. Also, back to your problem, do you have the proper extensions loaded for Disc Burner, and iTunes? And what Mac are you using?
Chet Ript May 9, 2001 01:21 AM
I like it. Everything works great in toast so this is no real travesty but I'd really like to be a able to use DiscBurner to burn stuff from the finder. I downloaded and installed iTunes 1.1.1 and DiscBurner 1.01 from and disabled all the toast extensions. iTunes = no. DiscBurner lets me insert a CD and create a temp partition (or what ever it does) I can copy files into the partition but when I do Special>Burn Disc or when it prompts me to burn if I throw the partition in the trash, it tells me that me hardware is unsupported. Bummer. I have a G4 400 w/ no other firewire peripherals hooked up. I checked Appless website and it says iTunes (and I think DiscBurner) support my drive.

Iomega Predator 8x 4x 32x FireWire ZIPCD1024Ext Firmware: P1.9 is listed on the site as supported.

I also checked Iomega's site and my firmware is "up to date", whether or not it is version P1.9, I do not know. Their site also says a firmware update is for my drive is due out soon. Hopefully this will fix my problem but I really have no way of knowing. The Predator looks cool though!! Style over substance I suppose....I was going to buy the faster QueFire! Oh well.
Bugs Bunny May 9, 2001 01:28 AM
Updating to Toast 5.01 will cost you some $$, but it plays nice with Disc Burner , and iTunes. Plus Toast 5 is just super. According to the Roxio site, Toast and Disc Burner/iTunes don't play too well together. You have to disable some extensions for Disc Burner/iTunes to work with Toast installed. I've got Disc Burner, and Toast 5 installed on my G4, and both work well together. Don't use iTunes, and Disc Burner is too slow, and limited in what it can do, so you are not missing much.
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