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jeronimo May 11, 2001 07:09 PM
HFS vs. HFS+
Can someone tell me the differences!?

Think Diferente!
WDL May 11, 2001 09:10 PM
Without the tech specs in front of me (visiting away from home base) the essence is this:

The standard Mac OS divides a hard drive's space into a fixed number of blocks - the larger the hard drive, the larger each block is. Thus, on a 6 meg HD each block may be 64K - so even if you only create a one sentence note, it will occuply a 64k block - anything larger than 64k occupies more 64k blocks.

HFS+ increases the number of blocks by a huge amount - therefore, each block is smaller - perhaps 8k, therefore the one sentence note only occupies a 8k block.

Besides more efficient use of the HD space, files are mapped more accurately - it's a winner every way.

The Apple method of converting to HFS+ is a pain in the butt. Get the inexpensive Alsoft PlusMaker - a beautiful little program that does the conversion with the greatest of ease - have used it on all four of my Macs and with several

HFS+ can only be used with OS 8.1 and all OSs since, and the hard drive must be 1 gig or greater.

When you have converted, your Mac can still read and use disks that are HFS Standard, but Macs running HFS Standard cannot use disks in HFS+.

With PlusMaker you can also preview what your hard drive looks like now, and what it will look like after you convert, and tells you how much space you will save.

Run a good disk utility like TechTool Pro before conversion and optimize - do the same immediately after conversion.


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jeronimo May 12, 2001 11:29 PM
Thanx!! Now I see everything clears!!

Think Diferente!
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