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533 May 11, 2001 07:49 AM
Error -41, what does that mean?
I am getting the following error (bomb) when turning off a beige G3 Desktop:

"-41 mFulErr Memory full (open) or file won't fit (load)"

Any ideas what this means? Bad RAM? Damaged system?

I checked with Norton 5 and DiskWarrior 2 (only minor errors), rebuilt the desktop.
Moonray May 11, 2001 08:58 AM
First check whether you have any shut down progs active, if so try turning them off to see if they cause the error. More likely your Finder might be corrupted, install a new copy from your CD and delete the Finder preferences.
Cipher13 May 11, 2001 11:37 AM
Do you get a normal error or a system error?

Your Finder is definately corrupted if its a system error, and it is still probably corrupted if its not.

What you must do is install a core version of the OS, and copy the Finder file from that to your main OS, replacing the old one. Also delete the Finder preferences file.

If that doesn't work or you need help with it, just ask.

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real May 11, 2001 05:10 PM
i having the same problem with a biege G3 tower sometimes it freezes some times the black and white box comes up right as i restart or shutdown its werid. I never get a chance to see the error message. Cypher you said to reinstall the OS then copy over the finder and throw away the finder pref is that right I have tried rebiuld of the desktop, zapping the PRAM all of that. nothing thanks for the help . I scared to trash the pref file last time I did that it corrupted some hard drives that was really werid. any other thoughts.
Moonray May 11, 2001 06:08 PM
nonsense - the easiest way is to extract the Finder with Apple's tome viewer from the appropriate tome file on the cd, no need to run a tedious install.
Oh, and don't forget to trash the Finder preferences, I know this hint does not add to the quality of this posting cause it was mentioned before, but other people need do repeat too.

Cipher13 May 12, 2001 01:14 AM
Nonsense my ass, the easiest way is to install a core system so you have two System Folders, then copy over.

How many people have Tome viewer and know how to use it?

If you do, then thats all good and well, but we try to keep things as simple as possible.

Do a custom OS instlal - install the core - your old System Folder will be renamed ot "old System Folder" and the new one "System Folder". Delete the Finder preferences from "old System Folder", and copy the Finder from "System Folder" to "old System Folder". Delete "System Folder" and rename "old System Folder" to "System Folder".
If it doesn't boot, boot form a CD, bless the system (drag the System file out, then back in), and select it with the System Disk or Startup Disk control panel.

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ICQ: 48111606
Moonray May 12, 2001 11:43 AM
Cipher, your choice of language is not just what people would expect to see here nor it is helpful, but if it's the way you are I can't help it, it's you to live with it.

Instructions how to get and use tome viewer can be found almost everywhere and it is just a tool to extract a file from an archive.
Open the archive, select the file and choose install. Everybody who can post here can do that.

Just copying the existing System Folder moving the extracted new Finder there, deleting the Finder preferences there and moving the old System Folder to trash is about 20 times faster.

cube-dude May 12, 2001 02:12 PM
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euro May 12, 2001 06:03 PM
I suppose both, Cipher's and your suggestions are probably fine but I WOULD point out that it was YOU who called his advice "nonsense". If you are going to attack people's posts like that than you should not be surprised if someone responds in kind and if you are going to whine about someone's use of blunt language then restrain your post to factual information instead of judgments in the first place. Your solution may well work but Cipher's suggestion was definitely NOT "nonsense".
Just my 0.02$'s worth.
Cipher13 May 12, 2001 11:54 PM
Thanks euro

For the average user installing and moving files is much easier and less daunting than extracting files from installer tomes. No?

They can "see" it happening when you install and move, moreso than your suggestion.

Every newbie who has Tome viewer local raise your hand...

AIM: Cipher1387
ICQ: 48111606
533 May 13, 2001 02:40 AM
Thanks guys for all your advices. I'll try it monday when back at work.

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