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Rheudabaga May 31, 2002 11:54 AM
syncing two folders...

I have a hard drive that is used to archive sounds. I would like to have a second drive that mirrors it exactly, for use at another location. So from time to time the 2nd drive could be physically connected to the first and some software would figure out which files are new and need to be copied...uh, synced, ya know?

I know I can do this with retrospect or other archiving software, but I seem to remember that there was an applescript that would do this (os9).

Does such a script exist for OS9? What about doing this under OSX?

Speckledstone Jun 1, 2002 09:17 AM
Have you used Apple's 'File Synchronization' ?

Its a control panel that allows you to do exactly what you spoke of (in classic). It does not get inatalled on a standard installation though. You need to do a custom install or use <a href="" target="_blank">TomeViewer</a>.

Or are you specifically looking for an Applescript?

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