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digidave May 13, 1999 11:46 AM
8.6 + Quicken98 = :(
On a B&W G3, updated firmware, OS 8.6, OpenGL 1.0 -- Quicken Deluxe 98 locks up hard just after launch.

The problem seems to be video related, as the upper half of the 'Quicken Desktop' goes pink just before the total freeze.

This happens about 75% of the time when Quicken is launched.

Anybody else see this?

nemesys May 16, 1999 11:01 PM

I have the exact same setup than you have, e.g. B&W G3, updated firmware, OS 8.6 and OpenGL 1.0. I don't have any problem using Quicken Deluxe 98.
There must me something wrong in your configuration.
If you want, email me so that we can compare our respective configuration.
MacNut May 16, 1999 11:21 PM
I have a similar problem with 8.6 And Quicken 98 on a older PowerMac G3 233 desktop.
When I quit Quicken the entire screen goes pink for a split second, this however does not cause a crash as you describe.
I tried everything to fix this problem from rebuilding the desktop , zapping pram to completly reformating the drive and putting everything back on it.
The ultimate fix for me was to identify which version of Quicken Deluxe 98 that I was installing.
I found out that in my possesion I had a ver R1, a ver R2 and a Ver that came with a iMac which I think was a R3.
I work on a number of Macs and have several Quicken disk floating around.
To my amazement the only disk that did not cause the pink screen problem was the one that came with the iMac.
I tried the other versions several times and each time they caused a pink screen..even after a complete system reinstall.
I know this is not exactly the problem you are having, but I feel that there may be common factors involved.
If you have a old disk you should be able to download a upgrade from Intuit that may fix your problem.

digidave May 17, 1999 06:01 PM
Hi y'all,

I'm actuallly using R5 of Quicken "Deluxe" 98 (latest from Intuit web site). I'm now at the point where I get a hard freeze every time when Quicken is launched.

I've done all of the following:

* removed Quicken data files from its folder (to check if data file went corrupt)

* booted with Extension set "Mac OS 8.6 base"

* disabled OpenGL 1.0

All to no avail. This is the only major problem I'm having with 8.6, and a frustrating one at that!!

tonewheel May 27, 1999 09:45 PM
Same problem as digidave. Interestingly enough, QDeluxe98 worked for about a week before I began experiencing the hard freezes.
Guary Jul 8, 1999 10:32 AM
I use QK 98 all the time on my RevB iMac, 8.6 and 96Ram with no problem. I havenít had a single freeze or video problem.
The most possible cause for the problems is that QK uses a different video mode than the Finder, so problems occur at the switching moment, so you should try different screen sizes, bit depth and refresh rates. I know Marathon II and Infinity work only under some particular video modes on a Beige G3.


Yuri Jul 12, 1999 03:08 PM
Does it freeze regardless of what color depth you're set at? Try it at 256, thousands and millions and see if there is a difference.

I've been using Quicken R3 and R5 on a 7500/G3/ATI video/8.6 with no troubles for months now.

Now, if I could only get the online banking to work with my credit card....
seclook Jul 31, 1999 12:32 AM
i am using quicken 98 on a wallstreet PDQ using OS 8.6 without any problem
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