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mitch Jun 28, 1999 10:29 PM
Auto shutdown and startup
Over the years I have been tring to get my mac running under OS7.6 to OS8.5 to do auto shutdown and restart. One works as a server and I need to restart it or it gets sluggish. I have not been able to get the auto shutdown and auto startup feature to work. What's up?
ckolquist Jul 13, 1999 01:16 PM
What model of machine is it?
BevH Jul 19, 1999 05:53 PM
Depending on your Mac model & OS, these utilities can automate scheduled shut down/start up:
Apple's Auto On/Off Control Panel
Apple's Energy Saver Control Panel

And of course, you can use PowerKey to do this (and more) on any ADB desktop Mac running OS 7.0 or newer, (and Rebound! 2.0 will have this feature for newer PowerMacs), or if you know a little AppleScript, try using iDo Script Scheduler to run the script which tells your system to restart at a specific time. This utility is free with OS 8.6 and can be downloaded from Apple's AppleScript Extras page.

Bev H
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kentsang Jul 19, 1999 09:39 PM
In my experience, the auto startup only gets me out of sleep--never from off. This is on a Centris 610, PowerComputing PowerCenter 210, and first-generation PowerBook G3 Series.
Ster Jul 20, 1999 12:42 AM
if your centris 610 is like my quadra 660AV (they have the same case, and i think the motherboards are similar) then you can't even use the power key on the keyboard to do full shutdowns, or powerup from off. on my quadra, there was a physical switch/button on the front that had to be pushed to startup, and again when the computer displays 'it is now safe to turn off your computer'. i think that, if your machine(s) show that screen, then you can't do the full power spectrum (off/on/sleep/shutdown) with just the keyboard. or so i think, anyway. good luck. -ster
cfoster611 Jul 24, 1999 01:09 PM
It seems for me, a 8600 user, that, even with it set right, it does what it wants. It will, one day, not work. The next, it does. I've done almost everything just short of selling it for a new G3. But, anyway, it can go from split-second timing to just siting there and blinking the Energy Saver icon in the Apple menu for 8 hours. I don't know why.
aklein Jul 24, 1999 02:38 PM
Unfortunatly, even a new G3 will not help. Energy saver on my blue and white is unreliable. It worked fine until recently. Now it doesn't work at all. i run a remote web server and this is most frustrating. I go online expecting to access my site but its not there. Or I expect it to go down for a rest but its stays up all day. I have the latest firmware and 8.6 installed, what is going on? I need this feature to work!
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