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dabla May 12, 1999 08:23 PM
VPC 1.*.* and OS 8.6
Just installed the 8.6 update and VPC95 will not run. I see that the boards are full of stuff about VPC 2.*.* . Does anyone use the old version of VPC and if so does your version work under OS 8.6?

My system is an iMac revB, 96MB ram.

Thanks all !
Brian Marsh May 14, 1999 03:46 PM
I haven't confirmed this myself (I only have one friend that has VPC 2.1.3, the latest, no one with previous)

but Connectix says that only VPC 2.1.3 will work with 8.6 (maybe 2.1.2 as well, not sure)

i'm pssitive that VPC 1.x will not work
(maybe contact Connectix about any plans for a fix, or upgrade options)
billybob May 14, 1999 03:59 PM
2.1.2 will work, thats what i have, and it works much better than it did under 8.5 (startup takes about 15 seconds on my imac... why cant macos start up that fast??). altho i also heard that you HAD to have 2.1.3... i guess im too l33t.
Guary Jul 8, 1999 10:55 AM
15 seconds?? that IS IMPOSIBLE!!!
Loading VPC either with win 95 or 98 takes a couple of minutes, NO LESS.

You must be talking about reloading VPC, which is an option to save your current PC state each time you quit. The next time you load it, even if you shutdown your Mac, VPC just loads that state, and not the full Windows. So, if you follow me, that 15 seconds should be compared to waking up a Mac after putting it to sleep, which takes something like 8 seconds.

Besides, when your computer starts, it's not just Mac OS that takes time to boot, there are also quite a few hardware tests to perform. If you have a lot of RAM, it might look as if your computer is stuck for some seconds, so you can disable this test.

DrZAP Jul 12, 1999 10:16 AM
When I installed 8.6, several programs didn't work on my 350MHz B&W G3. Wouldn't even launch without and error (-2). Disabling the ATI extensions worked for some, but not for VPC 1.x. I tried removing every combination of extensions--to no avail. I forked out the $39 to upgrade to VPC 2.3, and all is hunky-dory (with VPC).
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