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nkgmd May 14, 1999 08:18 PM
Office 98 and 8.6
Has anyone noticed that Office 98 no longer works once 8.6 is installed? I get type 3 errors for word, excel and powerpoint, even after reinstalling, re upgrading and increasing memory allocation. I've had a few hard crashes, bombs and corrupted finders trying to get it to work. I use a Powerbook G3 266. Any thoughts out there?

Boris_Mann May 15, 1999 05:15 AM
Yes!!! I posted something a few days ago about a massive amount of type 3 errors with Office 98 installed...I had recently installed a lot of new software, including OpenGL drivers, QT 4 AND 8.6, so I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

I wiped the hard drive (I had wanted to repartition anyways) installed 8.5, applied the 8.5.1 upgrade, then installed 8.6. Everything seemed to work, so I left out OpenGL and QT4 and installed Office98 and applied the Combined Updater.

Wham! All Office 98 programs are super unstable (crash on startup, crash within minutes), all with type 3 errors. Netscape 4.5.1 seems equally affected, as does IE 4.5, and many other applications also have lots of crashing with type 3 errors (eg. Adobe GoLive).

Anyone have any ideas?!

-- Boris Mann
lesgray May 15, 1999 09:03 AM

Don't know what all the fuss is about. I've got MS Office 98 running in the background (Word, Excel, Powerpoint all open) along with Photoshop 5.0. Haven't crashed since upgrading even once. Powercomputing Powerwave w/ Newer G3 card, 128MB ram)

nkgmd May 15, 1999 11:59 AM
I agree that things sound inconsistent. I haven't had any problems with Netscape 4.5.1 myself. I do have QT 4 installed, not Open GL though. Since I don't use IE, I removed all the extra garbage in the system folder related to that program. Could that be a problem? It's a pain because everytime I crash, I have to CD boot and reinstall clean system software. The bomb comes up before the extensions load, and zapping PRAM doesn't do anything. What bothers me is that more people don't have this problem. Doesn't everyone have Office 98 by now?
Boris_Mann May 15, 1999 03:40 PM
Hmmm...lot's of inconsistencies. I've removed IE 4.5 and it's extensions, and still problems.

Luckily, my system doesn't go down, and no bombs. Since a lot of the people who aren't having problems seem to be G3 users, perhaps there is some processor/ model specific code? (Powerbooks being different than desktops in this respect -- I'm using a 7300 myself, completely different from G3s).


I've turned off virtually every extension, and I'm still getting a ton of type 3 errors. I'm not going to definitively blame it on Office98, but I just can't figure out what's causing it. It took me 3 tries to get Netscape to launch and stay up for more than a few seconds.

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JMiessner May 24, 1999 09:30 AM
I have a powermac 9600 with a Newer G3 upgrade, lots of RAM, lots of HD space (mix of HFS and HFS+), etc.. Since upgrading from sys.8.5.1 to sys.8.6 I too have had some strange problems. I have been following the postings to see if my problem is limited to what I have installed or if others are having similar problems. In response to a post in another section asking if MS Office 98 was installed, I wanted to add a couple of tips that worked with me. I found that a number of general system instability problems were occuring if the latest versions of SpeedDoubler, Norton utilities, and SAM were running. I disabled those and found greater stability. In MS Office, I cleared out all preferences after getting type 1, type 3, type 4 and type 11 errors while trying to open two small (123k and 35k) Word documents at the same time. I tried to increase the memory for Word and it would crash with type 1 errors (tried 12 MB to 25 MB). Leaving it at 9 MB (what is recommended in the memory panel) eliminated the type 1 error. It had something to do with ATM deluxe 4.0 initially, but not reproducible enough. What can be done is to use Conflict catcher to reboot with only system 8.6 extensions/control panels/files and follow that with a reboot to the previous setup. Whatever that does, fixes ATM's problem. The fall back each time is a clean install starting with asystem 8.5 disk...not the best use of one's time. I still get random corruption of the Finder/system_resources/system files (once last week, once the prior week) which I have never seen happen when using system 8.5.1. Again I have not been able to track it down. I hope this helps some of the folks trying to get their update to work.
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