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d kelley May 15, 1999 05:32 PM
OS 8.6 & usb Epson 740 printer
After upgrade to OS 8.6 I had to uninstall EPSON USBPrintClass 1,2,3 & A extensions to make room for 8.6 Apple extension USBPrintDriver ("usb hub" wouldn't appear in chooser otherwise). I've seen nothing in apple or epson info about this.
hyh May 18, 1999 02:35 PM
after doing what you recommend still the usb port doesnt appear in the chooser and it doesnt print the 740


Riddler May 19, 1999 02:41 PM
I have a beige G3, a Keyspan USB Card, and a Epson Stylus 740.

G3 works with 8.6 and the USB 1.2f7 developer drivers. Doesn't work with 8.6 USB Drivers.

Friends iMac with 8.6 doen't work with Stylus 740, but haven't tested it with the 1.2f7 drivers.

I suggest getting them and trying them, I'll be trying it later this week, I'll lets you know how it goes.

It makes you wonder was this thing beta tested :-|
Riddler May 19, 1999 03:01 PM
Right, back again.

Just talked to friend in bonny Scotland on ICQ.

He has an iMac, 8.6, Stylus 740 and NO Problems.

He's using the 8.6 USB drivers and the Epson drivers that are on the iMac (revb) install CD which are version 5.54ce.

The latest version of the Epson drivers is 5.5be which I'm using with my Keyspan USB card and USB 1.2f7 dev drivers.

So it looks like the latest 5.5be Epson drivers work with the USB 1.2f7 drivers but not the 8.6 USB drivers.

I suggest installing the 5.54ce Drivers that came with the original iMac.

Of course I way be completely wrong and talking out of my arse, I'm just going on what I've seen so far ;-)
GJ7502 May 25, 1999 02:14 AM
I have an Imac and have had the same difficulty. the problem lies in removing everything that is epson from you your computer then reinstalling Epson printing software and DOWNLOAD the USB drivers from Epson's website (For some reason the drivers from the cd do not work) make sure that you do no put the serial driver into your extensions...If you have an Imac make sure that you have downloaded the imac update whether you have 8.6 or not
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