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Boris_Mann May 11, 1999 09:19 PM
8.6: Error Type -3 -- Microsoft Only?
I've had 8.6 installed for several days now, and many applications crash with an "Error Type -3". Internet Explorer 4.5 and Word 98 seem to be most affected (crash on program launch, crash while running), although I've also noticed it with Adobe GoLive 4.0. I believe that these programs all use some sort of MS shared libraries, which might be the culprit.

Basically, the programs I've listed are so unstable as to be unusable. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
RandallP2 May 13, 1999 03:46 PM
Yes, there is a problem of some kind involving Explorer 4.5:

1. Open Explorer 4.5, Word 98, and Excel 98
2. Copy something from Excel
3. Try to Paste into Word

This (common) exercise will freeze the cursor every time. A Force Quit exercise reveals that the hungup application is Explorer 4.5.
Boris_Mann May 15, 1999 05:23 AM
I had read about the Copy/Paste bug, but I'm experiencing a ton of type 3 errors with Office98 apps and about half the other apps on the system (especially Netscape and IE).

I've made some more replies to the "Office98 and 8.6" thread, as people there have reported type 3 errors as well.
GJ7502 May 25, 1999 02:17 AM
Have you guys done the Office 98 update?
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