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rimshot May 13, 1999 10:14 PM
Why didn't Apple fix the Application Switcher?
When 8.5 was introduced I immediately upgraded and began to love the new Application Switcher. There were problems with it though. When scripted in the right-hand corner of the desktop to display the applications in the order they were opened - You never know what program was going to be selected. You could be using IE but the switcher says you're using another open application. Why didn't Apple fix this with 8.6?
Brian Marsh May 14, 1999 03:38 PM
Interesting, I've used the application switcher ("window/GUI" part) alot, in every configuration I could get it into, and never noticed this problem,

maybe post the code for the script you used, and get some others here to do some trouble shooting with it...
(i'd be more than willing to try)
rimshot May 15, 1999 11:38 PM
I used Apple's script contained within the Help system. In the "Switching Between Open Programs" section under "Advanced Application Switcher Features." - "Open the Application Switcher in icon view in the lower-right corner and list programs in the order they were opened."
Mater_Tenebrarum May 25, 1999 12:17 PM
I cannot reproduce your error on my computer. When set to display applications in the order they were opened and docked in the lower right hand corner of my screen, application switcher always shows the currently active application correctly. It does not, however, in any view, accurately show which applications are hidden (that is, sometimes the hide others command works, but app switcher isn't updated). The icons on app switcher are three state: greyed (hidden) normal (not hidden but not frontmost) and depressed/selected (frontmost).

I am using the large icons, docked, with no text.
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