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James_Rolevink Mar 13, 2000 09:27 PM
Bootable OS 9.0.2 CDs?
Every time I try to boot from an apparently successful burn of an OS 9.0.2 CD on my new PB 500MHz, I get “System File Map inconsistent - Reboot” after the happy Mac OS 9 smiley face.

I used the OS 9.0.2 System CD that came with the PB to create a minimal System folder (that is identical to the original Apple System CD itself), made a Toast image, checked it in Nortons, selected the bootable option, and them burned it successfully.

I have done this a number of times, all to no avail.

Any ideas?
Mac Guru Mar 15, 2000 11:44 PM
If you have the original CD then WHY use a burned copy?

James_Rolevink Mar 16, 2000 04:48 AM
Are you trying to be funny, or what?

Because I want to burn Nortons, DiskWarrior, Hard Disk Toolkit and a number of other utilities / installers onto the one CD.

Good enough for you? Now, do you have an answer?
TheFox Mar 16, 2000 02:36 PM
The best way I found to make a bootable CD is:
1. create a 650 MB partition on your harddisk
2. copy all needed files to it (system folder, Norton, etc.)
3. boot from this partition and then rebuilt the desktop
4. start every program one time to create the preferences files
5. now boot again from the original partition and burn the CD with the bootable option checked or make a Toast image to burn it

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James_Rolevink Mar 16, 2000 05:23 PM
Howdy Fox,

I have been able to do a similar thing for OS 9 and below for ages, it’s just OS 9.0.2 that came with my PB G3 500MHz that won’t work.

Of course, I want my utility disk to be universal, so I try to make sure I use the latest OS.

Do you know if it will work with OS 9.0.2?
Linda Mar 16, 2000 07:15 PM

If you have 9.02 successfully installed on your hard drive, why not copy that System Folder and burn it along with your other apps? That will also burn all your current prefs along with it.

What am I missing?
James_Rolevink Mar 16, 2000 07:17 PM
Hello Linda,

What you are missing is that if you try that, it gives the error message I mentioned. 8¬(
Mac Guru Mar 17, 2000 06:50 PM
I wasn't trying to be funny. You did not mention that you were trying to add apps to the OS 9 CD in your original post. I have noticed that there have been MANY attempts by Apple to make thier OS CD's impossible to copy. My friend tried to burn his brother a copy of OS 9 and he went through 5 CD's before he just gave up. I think it's a CD copyright thing not anything of your fault.

James_Rolevink Mar 17, 2000 07:18 PM
Hello MacGuru,

I think you may have misunderstood the problem; I am not trying to copy the Mac OS 9.0.2 CD. I am trying to make a bootable 9.0.2 CD then add some things to it. This process isn’t usually copy protected as far as I am aware. In fact, you are even asked to obey Apple's OS licensing laws when you click the 'bootable' option in Toast.

As mentioned, I have made bootable CDs of nearly every OS from System 7 to 9, I just can't seem to get 9.0.2 up and running for some reason. Maybe it's because it is from a PB specific OS CD? Maybe I just have to wait until Apple release an OS 9.0.X updater and then use my real copy of OS 9 CD shrinkwrap to make the image to burn from?
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