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amoebahop Apr 4, 2000 10:39 PM
DVD Player 2.2 Sync Problem
I just installed Mac OS 9.0.4 and DVD Player 2.2, and most of it works great. DVD Player has much less pause and pixellation upon user interaction (menus and controller), slow motion works better, actually the pixellation was almost completely gone! Unfortunately, I am getting the audio sync problem again (it was fixed in v2.1). Anybody else have the same experience?

[iMac DVSE 256MB]
Blublub Apr 4, 2000 10:45 PM
Yep, still synch problems on my G4/350 Sawtooth as well, although they never completely went away in 2.1.

Arghhh...this is getting ridiculous.
jcarey Apr 5, 2000 12:27 AM
I remember reading somewhere that reducing the screen resolution to 640x480 while watching a DVD movie fixes the sync problems. This is supposedly because the computer doesn't have such a hard time dealing with the scaled up video. Maybe it's worth a try!
haunebu Apr 5, 2000 03:56 AM
DVD Palyer 2.2 is now unavailable from Apple's servers... hmmm...
amoebahop Apr 5, 2000 04:01 AM
Reverting to DVD Player 2.1 solved the sync problem. However, one must also revert the DVD extensions, otherwise the program reports an error:
"DVDRuntimeLib--PrintPanel__5LViewFRC9 PanelSpecPP9MacRegion" could not be found.

Oh well, I guess it's a tradeoff between synched audio and smooth video for now.
haunebu Apr 5, 2000 04:09 AM has the proper link to DVD Player 2.2, even though Apple's own software updates page points to a non-existant file.
47Ronin Apr 5, 2000 05:17 AM
What discs are you having problems with? I have a G4/500 and I just upgraded to 9.0.4 with DVD 2.2 and I have zero problems with sync on the Matrix or any DVD in fact.

47 Ronin Multimedia
P Apr 5, 2000 05:55 AM
You have all the updates: QT 4.1, DVD 2.2 and OS 9.04? Then try turning off VM and setting your display to 640*480.
skullmac Apr 5, 2000 06:42 AM
Quite odd. I have a G4 (350/AGP) and it works flawlessly, even with a full extension set, apple talk turned on, and video scaled up to 1024 x 768.

The video stays synced from the Lobby scene to the Chopper Crash scene in The Martix, which used to skip and loose sync like hell.

It seems soo much smoother on my G4. Is it possible DVD Player 2.2 is now AltaVec enabled?
Blublub Apr 5, 2000 11:26 AM
Actually, I realized that I never had version 2.1 (which came only with the revved Sawtooths) so I can't say for sure whether the problem would have been solved then.

I can say that it is still there with 2.2 and after upgrading all the recommended components (Quicktime 4.1, latest Soundmanager extensions, etc.) VM and Appletalk are off, and I've allocated anywhere from 50 - 100 MB RAM to the player, running at 640 x 480, etc.)

In short, I've followed the problem closely and tried every trick I could find to solve. I'm still having problems. I plopped in "Shawshank Redemption" this time but have had the problem with a variety of titles.

It is much closer to being solved than it was with the stock software that shipped with the machine, but the problem is still very noticeable.
amoebahop Apr 5, 2000 12:04 PM
If anybody would like to try downgrading to v2.1 (which fixed my audio sync problem), here's a link to the software.

Look at the bottom of the page.
Sync Arrrrgh Apr 5, 2000 12:14 PM
OK, why is it that it's working flawlessly for some people and others still have the same sync issues as before? What version of sound manager are the people with problems using? Apparently, Quicktime installs an older version over the updated extension that gets installed by 9.0.4. For those with problems, make sure you take a look at this:

P Apr 5, 2000 01:32 PM
My machine synchs perfectly now. I'm a bit out of advice here: Have you made sure that there are no background proesses eating CPU? Norton Filesaver is a known culprit.

DVD is much smoother on my machine as well, and it has no AltiVec, so that's not it. Just better optimization, I guess.
slboett Apr 5, 2000 05:17 PM
Quicktime 4.1.1 installs a new Sound Manager update - give that a try.


PS - zero troubles with sync since 9.02 and DVD 2.1
ydnar1 Apr 5, 2000 06:05 PM
Quite odd, indeed. I have a G4 (350/AGP) and it works flawlessly, even with a full extension set, no problems whatsoever, and video also scaled up to 1024 x 768 and Virtual Memory was on as well. I did install the latest Quicktime prior. I hope this continues.

Yea it's fixed! Apr 6, 2000 02:59 AM
After installing Mac OS 9.0.4, DVD 2.2, and Quicktime 4.1.1 my iMac DV and Pismo 400mhz both play DVD's beautifully now. The Pismo only has 64mb of RAM and has virtual memory turned on but it still does a great job of playing DVD's. Today is a great day indeed. Hooray!
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