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machaus Apr 4, 2000 10:54 PM
Mac OS 9.04/iBooks
The 9.04 update didn't delete the "Sleep Memory Extension" on my iBook, and I can't find any documentation that this bug was fixed, making this extension un-needed. Arrrgh!
Adam Silver Apr 4, 2000 11:03 PM
You aren't alone. I would like to know what was fixed/changed in Mac OS 9.0.4 but I can't find anything on Apple's web site or on my hard disk.

Hopefully, Apple will post something within a few days.
wlonh Apr 5, 2000 05:12 AM
there was a list of stuff that was updated that was posted to the MacNN news page a week or so ago though i can't find it now of course.

"Update Mac OS 9 provides additional FireWire and USB support, enhances networking and power management, and improves audio, video and graphics functionality. From 9.0, v9.0.4 updates the following control panels: Apple Menu Options, Energy Saver, Keyboard, Software Update, Sound and Startup Disk. plus the following extensions: ATI graphics, Audio, CD/DVD Driver, FireWire, infrared group, Open Transport, OpenGL, Sound Manager, Voice Verification and many others."

Zwilnik Apr 5, 2000 06:33 AM
Just noticed that the Energy Saver gives you the option to switch off the display on the iBook rather than just dimming it.
machaus Apr 5, 2000 12:02 PM
Well, I removed the "Sleep Memory Extension" and the preserve contents of ram option was still dimmed in the Energy Saver CP. Looks like they didn't fix it...
Denis Apr 6, 2000 11:13 PM
I try a conflict catcher test more than 20 times and found that all the extension from FaxstfPro (5.2) are in conflicts with sleep. So I install the bundle edition of FaxStf 5.1 and the problem with sleep and my iBook is gone...

Except that I have a new problem with netscape... maybe it<s because I installed the internation english version of 9.04 over an north american version. I ll make a new clean install of everything and let you know what s happen.
ndesign Apr 8, 2000 06:46 PM
Personlly, I dumped FaxSTF as soon as I got each of my Macs. (G4 400, G3 PB, iMac DV and iBook).

FaxSTF can cause lots of problems, it always seems to conflict with something and the software ain't that great.

I upgraded to Global Fax. It's much better software, easier to use and has caused "zero" problems on all my machines..

Good Luck!
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