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daleg May 15, 1999 08:27 AM
Quark, ATM
I'm battling an apparently common problem: Type 2 errors--freezes, etc.--with a graphic program, ATM and 8.6.
I've seen this referenced with Photoshop and Illustrator also. Apparently a font becomes corrupted and the problems lead to the error. My "problem" font is times; I've seen Helvetica and others mentioned, although this may not even be significant.
I tried removing the ATM preferences and that didn't work. Of course I tried replacing the font a couple of times and it just became re-corrupted.
Only answer is to run without ATM Deluxe (4.03) which is no answer for graphic arts. Best solution so far is to try Extensis' Suitcase (which I really like, by the way). However, there is one "hole:" Fonts are not anti-aliased in Quark, which makes layout rather painful (try staring at jagged, 72 point type all day).
Any thoughts on any of this?
Dale Garrison
vladimir May 16, 1999 06:55 PM
I have gone crazy trying to figure this out myself, but I may have found a fix.
When I updated to 8.6, I installed ATM "lite" 4.02 from Adobe's Illustrator CD. Then when installing any software the installer dialogue box would appear the computer locked up. I had no clue, Adobe had no clue either! But then I remembered the 4.02 ATM on the OS 8.5 disk, same version, but I thought I'd give it a shot. No more problems since then!
JMiessner May 24, 1999 09:37 AM
I have had the same problem with the Times font, but in that ATM thinks it is installed and in use, when it isn't. There is only one suitcase with Times in it and only one set of PS files. Additionally, when inspecting the font suitcases through the ATM window, the Adobe Times font shows up in every non-activated suitcase, but when you go to the actual suitcase, you don't find the Adobe fonts ATM said was there. (Everything from Spring Cleaning to Sherlock to Norton and Techtool were run to either find the duplicate fonts or attempt to find any corrupted files, but none found) I am going to try ATM 4.5 when it comes in, but if that doesn't fix it than either 8.6 has to go or ATM has to go.
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