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normyzo Apr 5, 2000 05:16 PM
Yet more praise...
Well, in the short time (hours) that I've been using OS 9.0.4, there is one thing I've noticed: it takes up less RAM. While 9.0 was hovering around 21.5, now with 9.04 the system went down to around 17.5. This was a straight install, I disabled no extensions, RAM usage went down 4 meg... Whether this is unique to my case (PM 7200/90) or whether Apple decided to fiddle with what stuff it reports as being in the System Heap, I don't know. I've had no problems yet though...
wlonh Apr 5, 2000 07:04 PM
yes, my Mac is using less RAM with OS 9.04, not as much less as you (you have VM on and I NEVER touch VM) but OS 9.04 is using 2M less RAM on average, and my browsers have been wiping clean at quit for a change, that is, now they relinquish their RAM allocations when you quit them. amazing!

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mkg Apr 6, 2000 10:36 AM
With OS 9, AIM sometimes went into an indefenite spin at exit. 9.0.4 fixed that.

9.0.4 also fixed a PPP disconnect problem that i was having. All is well.

Apple has really done well this time.

Great work guys!!!
Jeep2000 Apr 6, 2000 10:56 AM
9.0.4 fixed my USB floppy boot up problems, so I'm pleased.
I have not noticed any problems with the update.
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