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iJustinG May 27, 1999 07:41 PM
iMac 8.6 probs after SuperDisk install
I've had 8.6 running fantastic on my iMac RevB with 160ram. Until this afternoon. I started up fine, sort of forgot why i needed to use the computer, shut down. Five minutes later, start up. 1)plugged in iMation superdisk(the older model) 2) installed stuff from CD(english US) 3)restarted like suggested. 4) No startup! 5)Big tears start to appear

Basicly I tried booting from my CD, and disableing all the extensions/control panels i thought might be causing the problem(any that had been installed by superdisk). Nothing, same start up crash(crash occurs after screen goes to Mac OS 8.6 screen and the little progress bar starts filling up, crash. Disk aid says HD is ok, and techno snapshot says OK.

The only thing that i can possibly think of is the installer i remember seeing it say "updating usb" or something to that effect, could this be overridding 8.6 or the iMac firmware or something such? Please tell me how to fix whatever this installer has done!

I know this might not be a 8.6 issue, but the same superdisk drive installed fine on my clients RevA iMac that I haven't upgraded to 8.6(8.5.1)

I need to get this up and running before monday, I need that disk drive working! Please!
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