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cteselle Apr 5, 2000 07:12 PM
Software Update Control Panel...
This is weird... I use the update control panel to update my MacOS, and it says that there is nothing to update... When I know that this is not the case, sinceI just watched one of my coworkers update his...

Any one else have this problem/undocumented feature?

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rebrown Apr 5, 2000 07:55 PM
I had the same experience trying to update my Pismo Powerbook, which has 9.0.2. Software Update Control Panel twice said no updates to be found.
pjrgois Apr 5, 2000 08:32 PM
I had the same problem, but since Apple has made the updats also available thro direct download! I realy had no problem...
genevish Apr 6, 2000 01:13 PM
I have heard some problems here and there, but no one seems to be saying what I've been thinking all along.

The software update control panel SUCKS! And I'm not one of those people to blow every comment out of proportion for effect, either.

I mean, it's a great idea, and I truly hope Apple fixes it so it works well, but it's really bad right now.
  • It takes forever to find out if there are in fact any updates.
  • Once it finds updates, every other application must be shut down to download the updates.
  • It could be me, but it seems to take MUCH longer to download the files than if you DL them directly from Apple's site.
  • If you don't want one of the updates it recommends, there's no way to tell the software that (Although the item does seem to go away after ignoring it a few times).
Am I alone in this thinking?

Scott Genevish
Chris_G Apr 6, 2000 03:15 PM
Don't know if this applies to anyone or not, but apparently you need to update your Software Updater Control Panel to be able to update from 9.0 to 9.0.4. From :

"Apple writes: If users did not update their Software Updater Control Panel/Extension to version 1.1.1 they won't be able to update from 9.0 to 9.04.

We posted "Software Update 1.1.1.smi" on 01/27/2000


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Hope this helps!

Pop-O-Matik Apr 6, 2000 10:49 PM
Software Update is (at least on my G4/400) the most unstable piece of sofware produce by Apple since 8.0. Too bad, it's a great idea... For now, nothing beats downloading the software directly. Unless you have twice that time to waste, waiting for Software Update to react and freeze on you.
AppleIICarlson Apr 8, 2000 04:03 PM
Try again. There is other topic similar to this one. Compare and make your end a success.

Agreed on improve on MacOS 9x much need. Hate when this Mac slap at my face when it says I don't have "enough access privilege", even I am the owner. Had to log-off and go to my main owner profile to be more authorative!

Don't forget to disable your virus protection, through.

D. Richard Carlson

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