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Noraa Apr 5, 2000 08:37 PM
OS 9.0.4 WTF???
I own an original iBook (300 mhz...3 gig hd...) and after I installed OS 9.0.4 I can't use the thing when it is unplugged, it runs so slowwwww, the minute I plug it in, t he thing zooms. I decided to see what would happen when I turn off processor cycling for the battery mode...absolutely no difference. Please help!

oscar Apr 6, 2000 12:18 AM
in energy saver control panel, click advanced, and UNCLICK Allow Processor Cycling. This should fix you right up

-See Yea!
Misha Apr 6, 2000 08:12 AM
oscar, noraa said that s/he already tried turning off processor cycling to no avail.

Try resetting the power manager.
Noraa Apr 6, 2000 09:02 AM
figured out the problem, in the system folder there is a little item called powerpc enabler 9.0.4. I removed that, and all is good now (basically I tricked the system into thinking it's still running OS 9. Hopefully apple fixes this problem soon!
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