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DBursey Apr 7, 2000 08:46 AM
Should I Upgrade from 8.6?

I have an iMac DV/SE with OS 8.6 and all the original software. Since I have no use for the 'multi-user' feature of OS 9, are there good reasons why I should upgrade my OS? I'm fairly happy with 8.6. Pros/cons?

If I do upgrade, what other software upgrades should I perform at the same time?
Thanks to all in advance for advice and opinions.
wlonh Apr 7, 2000 09:08 AM
DBursey Apr 7, 2000 09:40 AM
Thanks wlonh.

Many related answers, but I suppose not the one (or more) definitive answer(s) I had hoped would convince me that I will (or will not) be better off with 9.x.

Or perhaps, deep down, I just wanted to see my name 'in lights'

P Apr 7, 2000 10:39 AM
It all comes down to RAM, really. If you have the standard 64 MB, I'd stick with 8.6 - if you have more, go for 9.0.4. 9 is a bit slower, but the features taking CPU can be turned off, and the newer graphics/USB drivers in 9.0.4 should speed your machine up some in the long run.

My tip, if you have the $, would be to invest in a 128 MB RAM circuit - bringing the total RAM to 192 - and then upgrade. That's what I did!
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