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bangeman Apr 7, 2000 10:08 PM
LinuxPPC won't boot with 9.0.4
Just a warning, and this has been confirmed with other who have had the same problem: if you upgrade to 9.0.4 on a G4 with Linux installed, you will no longer be able to boot Linux. It will hang during the boot process. The only solution (so far) is to go back to 9.0

Olle Jonsson Apr 8, 2000 04:41 PM
Same thing hapend on my iBook after installing MacOS 9.04 (US) - LinuxPPC 2000 is not booting anymore.. Linux PPC 2000 try to boot but turns the iBook OF instead.

Olle "Vanilla Fudge" Jonsson -
e_Whizz! Apr 8, 2000 09:02 PM
LinuxPPC 2000, or more specifically, bootx has had this problem ever since 9.02 came out. That is the version of the OS that shipped on new Macs for the last 2 months.

There are a couple of options to get around this. Read the suggestions in the mail list about setting up a yaboot.conf file and using yaboot on your primary MacOS drive. I have this setup where to boot into Linux, you hold the space bar dowen as you turn on the machine, the computer then boots straight into linux. If I want to use the MacOS I just restart Linux and it will then boot MacOS.

The arrangement works with 9.02-9.04.
It is a combined problem with BootX and the new MacOS Rom file that shipped with these versions of the OS.
Kaztora Apr 9, 2000 02:40 AM
In my case Blue G3 did not boot in LinuxPPC 2000 from Mac OS 9.0.4, freezing at setting mixer. After deleting /dev/mixer it did boot.
DougJ Apr 11, 2000 03:19 PM
e_Whizz! --

You mentioned in your post something about reading the suggestions on the "mail list" about configuring yaboot on a G4 w/9.0x. Can you direct me (and others) as to which mail list you are referring? I too am not able to boot linux on my G4/400 (os 9.04). It hangs after starting to boot - and the drive spins down....


bungee107 Apr 11, 2000 05:06 PM
You must use the new beta of BootX when booting on a G3 newer than the Lombard powerbook. I am not sure why,but the atapi driver used for the Hard Drive doesn't work correctly otherwise. As for the MacOS 9.04 upgrade. I am glad I heard this report before trying it. I hope the error gets fixed soon.
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