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Blublub Apr 8, 2000 12:22 AM
Strange New Crashes After Upgrade
Anyone else had this problem?:

After upgrading my G4/350 at home and a G4/400 at work, both are now regularly crashing with a Type 2 or Type 11 error after typing for anywhere between 3-10 minutes in an app. It happens most frequently in Outlook Express 5.02, but also has happened in a wide range of apps from Photoshop 5.5 to TextEdit , and now IE 5.0 periodically quits with the same errors.

Strange thing is that it all of a sudden started happening on both my home and work machines only after upgrading to 9.04. Both had been rock solid stable before that time. I've tried running Norton, DiskWarrior, zapping PRAM, rebuilding desktop, etc. etc., all the usual - but still have the problem.

Any ideas?
Zack West Apr 8, 2000 01:16 AM
Me too! This is totally driving me nuts! I'll be in the middle of doing something and the app will just unexpectedly quit. I've run all kindsa diags and found nothing. Also, and this is even worse, my mouse and keyboard are dead on every boot unless I disconnect and reconnect the keyboard. I never had any problems prior to upgrading to 9.0.4. I really hate to have to reinstall the o/s because of this.
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