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iamdj Apr 9, 2000 01:58 AM
Worst MAC OS update ever?
I've seen a lot of updates form Apple since I first started using MACs in 1987...with all the problems 9.04 has caused on my Blue & White G3...I went back to 9.0...might go back to the ever stable 8.6 until Apple says, "No really, this update to 9.0 will work...really...we really mean it this time." (the next update to OS 9 that WILL WORK will be System 7.5)

What was 9.04 supposed to do anyway? Oh, That's right...make OS9 more stable.

wlonh Apr 9, 2000 03:07 AM
and it did for most folks... made MacOS 9 more stable AND faster

running MacOS 9.04 on three generations of Macs here: 6200, rev2 G3 minitower, iBook.

my Macs love it, and so do the rest of my family's Macs.
IPreferMacs Apr 9, 2000 03:17 AM
A general suggestion: if having problems with a new OS, before you upgrade, do a clean install then install the updater. I had nothing but problems with OS9 and new iMacs, but after clean installs of OS9 and then updating to OS9.0.4, all but one problem went away.
augur_ Apr 9, 2000 04:34 AM
I've been using the 9.0.4 update since Thursday, and I've got nothing but good things to say about it. My SCSI scanner works again, general processes seem faster, and seems more stable.

I think that most problems are related to how you install the update. I learned long ago that it's often a very bad idea to install a [system] update without first zapping the PRAM (hold "apple+shift+P+R") about four times before allowing the computer to start with extensions disabled. Then after the installation finishes, restart, them rebuild the desktop. By adopting this technique, EVERY system installation or upgrade has worked as intended, in my expeience. Before using that method, upgrades were an "install and hope for the best" type of occurance.

Just my suggestion...
oh, running OS 9.0.4 on a Performa 6400.
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