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Richard Clark Apr 9, 2000 02:29 AM
9.0.4 Type 1 Error
I'm running on a G4 /450 with 250mb RAM, 10 GB HD, with Virtual RAM turned off. I have not had any problems on 9.0.1 with programs crashing on a regular basis. However, after installing 9.0.4 the folowing programs: Netscape 4.7, Hotline 1.8 and ICQ 1.7.2 crash. This occurs sometimes within 5 minutes of starting the program. It is a type 1 error. The memory settings have been increased on the above programs but the problem still occurs. Norton Utilities, Antivirus, Techtool, Apple Disk First Aid have been run and did not find any problems. The desktop has been rebuilt as well.

Could this be an Open Transport problem or Modem problem from the update???? It wouldn't seem likely if it is a type one error which is what I'm getting. It's wierd. Like I said, with 9.01 I never had Netscape, HL or ICQ crash. One thing that makes this even weirder is that I'm also using M.S. Internet Explorer 5 and it isn't crashing at all.

abrody Apr 9, 2000 07:30 AM
Type 1 errors are the old famous bus error. You may want to upgrade to Netscape Communicator 4.7.2. Also on my Powerbook G3/233 Internet Explorer 5.0 finally works together with MRJ 2.2 in MacOS 9.0.4. In any case, given you have that much RAM, I would give 25MB to 30MB for each web browser to avoid the error. Add 1MB of RAM to each application giving you an issue. Explorer though could be the cause, as I know somebody else who gets errors running both browsers at once with a G4/350. Hotline is now at version 1.8.1, Mirabilis ICQ is now at 2.0b1.
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