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quantum2 Apr 9, 2000 10:55 AM
OS 9.0.4 + QT 4.1.1 + DVD 2.2 = Pops & Clicks
After getting all three of the "big" updates, I notice pops and clicks when I play a DVD. The DVD's are BRAND NEW, no scratches or dust. Any suggestions (besides Apple pre-release testing is non-existent!)? I have a PMG4 400 (AGP), 256MB, AppleTalk Off, VM Off, and no Background Apps running.

Thanks in advance for your help!
dante Apr 10, 2000 03:03 AM
I've also noticed the pops & clicks.
Palegolas Apr 10, 2000 04:46 PM
It works pretty fine to me. Much better than on 9.0, DVD-player 2.0. I'm running iMacDV.
David de Graaf Apr 11, 2000 01:31 PM
The DVDplayer 2.0 is a separate download. This may be the source of your problems.
dbarton Apr 11, 2000 03:28 PM
After upgrading to 9.0.4, I also hear the pops and clicks when I play a DVD on my Pismo 400 with 320 MB RAM. I have noticed that the 9.0.4 installer updates some of the DVD libs and then the new 2.2 DVD installer overwrites the libs that 9.0.4 just updated. kinda odd.
kaufmant Apr 11, 2000 03:33 PM
I have the same problem on my G4-400 both before OS 9.0.4 and DVD Player 2.2 The only way to play the DVD without the noise is to reboot the computer, and when it has rebooted completely, put the DVD in and play it, and then I do not have the popping and crackling.
OneButtonWonder Apr 11, 2000 05:02 PM
I sometimes get them as well.. HOWEVER
I think I have solved it with extensions and cntrl panels..

I have a minimal set for games where it works perfectly.
at first, I thought it was vm, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.
I am not sure precisely what cntrl panel or extension, but occasionaly I have this problem where the computer slows to a crawl after about 3 seconds of inactivity. Processor cycling is not it, and I try to disable all energy savings. I think this is where the popping might come from.

I have the G4 500/256/scsi/vm & appltk off
iPunk Apr 11, 2000 05:21 PM
I thought I was the only one with this problem. I've had the popping and crackling since I've owned my G4 400. I only have the Matrix on dvd and I thought I read somewhere that it was a known problem on this movie. Also, I wonder if it has anything to do with a digital sound source being pushed through my 3 piece analog speakers. I've wondered if a USB or faster speaker system would improve this. I hoped, ultimately, that the 9.0.4 update would fix this, but it didn't. I hope someone comes up with a cure for this.
gyc Apr 11, 2000 05:28 PM
I've got an iMac DV w/ OS 9.0.4, QT 4.1.1, and DVD 2.2, and haven't experienced any pops and clicks while playing DVD's.
rezEdit Apr 11, 2000 05:29 PM

I noticed the problem with audio pops and crackles sometime around the release of audio update 1.2/1.3 QT 4.1. Reverting back to the old version of QT (4.0.3) solved the problem. After installing 9.0.4 and the new DVD player 2.2 I no longer have this problem.

Kinda weird.
botimus24 Apr 11, 2000 05:54 PM
I have both 9.0.4 and the latest DVD player and I still get pops and clicks. I think there is a problem with some of the cards in the G4's. When I play Quake 2 I get a weird pologon failure and I get white flashes on the walls.

Its very annoying to try and watch a DVD with it popping every minute.
Matt9128 Apr 11, 2000 10:08 PM
I experienced the "popping" sound prior to upgrading to 9.0.4 - several months ago, probably after an Apple Audio update.

Here's the solution (at least it works for me - and was recommended by Apple engineers): turn off the "soundtrack" option in the Appearance control panel. The popping occurred for me only when this option was on. I'm not sure Apple has confirmed this as being the cause 100% of the time - and apparently a fix wasn't part of 9.0.4 - but it has gotten rid of the problem for me. Not sure what component causes the problem, since I didn't have this problem at one point. Some update (audio? QuickTime?) changed on my system to start the problem.

Hope that helps,

- Scott
tonewheel Apr 11, 2000 10:11 PM
I, too, began experiencing the same pops and clicks on my Pismo 500 after installing the updates. The noises, however, went away after about 3 or 4 shutdowns/startups. No problems whatsoever, presently.
mge Apr 12, 2000 09:02 AM
Disabling the Apple Platinum Sounds in the Appearance Control Panel cures the problem.
iPunk Apr 12, 2000 09:24 AM
Disabling the sound track under appearance didn't work for me. I've tried it and the noise is still there albeit not so loud. I have all the latest updates so I'm still not sure. All of the posts have some great ideas and solutions but none of them are working in my case. I'll try a different dvd movie and let you know.
cujo Apr 12, 2000 11:38 AM
I have had a problem with "pauses" where about once every second the graphics would just pause for a fraction of a second. I have a G4 450 w/ 250 MB ram. I have not had a chance to listen to many MP3's or watch many DVD's, but I would suspect that they would pause also. I also have toast 4.02, and whent the toast extension does not load, I do not get hesitations.
jeffmn Apr 12, 2000 01:18 PM
I have a G4 with 9.0.4, DVD Player 2.2, and QT 4.1.1 (no Appearance sounds enabled). I usually watch a DVD at night and have an applescript scheduled to quit DVD Player and put the system to sleep. I clearly remember waking one morning to the loud pops and clicks, even when the system was asleep and DVD player had been quit. I don't remember hearing it in the past couple nights but will pay more attention and repost if I've got any good info.
quantum2 Apr 13, 2000 07:06 AM
First, I would like to thank everyone for all of your help in this matter. I've tried all of the possible solutions that each one of you suggested. I still am having the pops&clicks. Sometimes they are extremely loud, and to the point where I can not tolerate watching a movie! I've tried just about everything. Even turning almost every extension off doesn't help. I'm thoroughly disgusted with Apple's lack of quality! What happened to the days when Apple made something, and there was no question that it worked, and worked well?
wlonh Apr 13, 2000 09:49 AM
well, those days are alive and well on three different generations of Mac that i own and use... all running 9.04 extremely well, extremely. a 6200, a rev2 G3 minitower, and an iBook. all three use exactly 2M less RAM for the sysheap than they did under MacOS 9... rock solid stablility and speedy performance. i have never ever been a happier Mac user. life is very good. oh, and all my relatives can report the SAME experience with OS 9: 6500, 8600, 6360, PB G3 series, all as rock solid and dependable as you please and all have been G3 cpu-updated using Sonnet Crescendo cards except for the PB G3 series. they all rock!

and to bolster Scott's post:
"Russ Harlan followed up on the DVD problems discussion, noting one trick involved in resolving a problem:

"I noted on your page that Apple Tech Support had recommended turning off the soundtrack in the Appearance control panel. I noted that others who posted said this did not solve the problem.

I disabled the system sounds in the Appearance Control Panel, but like others still no joy. HOWEVER, after a restart with the System Soundtrack turned off, my DVDs play flawlessly -- not a single pop or tick."

the above was taken from macintouch today

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Paul Crawford Apr 13, 2000 10:20 AM
Hi all,

For any of you guys & gals who haven't already done so, you can also explore (or add your voice to) the other existing related posts here on MacNN in the PowerMac G3,G4s Forum [e.g., the dvd player 2.2 and CRACK, POP!!! post, which implies that applying a particular sequence (9.0.4 -> DVD 2.2 -> disable sound set -> reboot -> QT 4.1.1 -> re-enable sound set) gives you the best of both worlds], or the iMac Forum (too many "popping" posts to sample, some going as far back as Mac OS 8.x).

Ditto for Apple's own PowerMac Discussion Forum (e.g., the DVD Audio pops post), or their Mac OS Discussion Forum (e.g., the DVD Player 2.2 with popping audio sounds... post), or their iMac Discussion Forum (e.g., the Popping From Speakers when Playing DVD's post).

Ditto for MacFixIt's Troubleshooting Mac OS 9.0.x Forum (e.g., the DVD 2.2 and OS 9.0.4 post), or their Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 Forum (e.g., the DVD Audio Pops are back... and they won't go away!!! post), or their Troubleshooting Hardware Forum (e.g., the Cracking and Pops playing DVD's on Pismo post).

Apart from the Appearance sound-set issue, various posts have declared the cause to be everything from bugs in Sound Manager 3.6.x, to corrupted sound preferences, to defective iSub speakers for iMacs, to USB issues, to problems with the current generation of DVD-RAM drives, to flaky power strips & surge suppressors, to the alignment of the planets, etc., etc. ;-)

Although I currently own an older beige PM G3, this issue is rapidly becoming one of personal importance to me, as I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer machine soon.



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Zordab Apr 15, 2000 01:32 AM
I have an iMac DV running OS 8.6 with DVD player 2.0 and no popping (but out of sycn). I recently got OS 9.0 from Apple but am afraid to install after constanty hearing about all this popping, popping, popping. Why did Apple even bother with DVD if they can't do it right? Christ said you must forgive your brother 70X7. Maybe DV player 491.0?
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