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wjdennen Apr 10, 2000 02:48 PM
9.0.4 and memory
Hi there-

Is anyone else noticing that their system heap is growing very large with 9.0.4 installed? Seems to be growing *too* large!

Ster Apr 10, 2000 07:40 PM
i've seen the exact OPPOSITE!
9.0.4 uses about 3-4MB LESS than 9.0 for me (beige G3, 96MB RAM, RAMDoubler set to 96MB to enable pagemapping)
i've read a few others say the same thing as me...
Mac Developer Apr 11, 2000 02:03 PM
Originally posted by wjdennen:
Hi there-

Is anyone else noticing that their system heap is growing very large with 9.0.4 installed? Seems to be growing *too* large!

Under 9.04, About This Computer shows MacOS using ***49 MB***!!! This is on a Wall Street PowerBook.

So, yes, there has been a *huge* jump in the system heap size under 9.04 for me.

Mac Developer

wlonh Apr 11, 2000 02:10 PM
well, under MacOS 9 the heapola was about 45M with 6 app's running on my G3 and under 9.04 it is about 43M same 6 app's...

like Ster said, others can report similarly

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Kaylen Apr 11, 2000 03:55 PM
I had it up to 54MB yesterday. That is way to high for a machine with only 88MB of RAM to start with.. Anyway, right now it sits at 31MBs I believe there may be a memory leak somewhere...

wjdennen Apr 11, 2000 04:00 PM
Mine is about 50MB on a Lombard333 with 128MB RAM - doubled with RAMDoubler.
exa Apr 11, 2000 06:22 PM
With my beige g3/266 system with 256 megs of ram, I get a Mac OS eating 60 megs of ram... gone to 70s even... but hey, ram doubler will not work on my superior system (256mb ram) and virtual memory is slow, so can't complain... Anyhow... under ram doubler, try using the "guarentee system heap" option and see if that does much. This memory leak is obviously something in the Mac OS for years that has never been solved (OS X should though)... Too bad MacOS purge doesn't work quite the way it used to...
manny Apr 11, 2000 10:46 PM
Installed 9.04 last week, and yesterday saw my system heap grow to 74MB, on a 192mb system. Something's leaking. This is after a few days of use (I put my PB to sleep instead of shutting down). Seems to be network related? I was doing lots of IE/Anarchie stuff (the latter seems to be pretty pokey compared to 8.6).

g3 series, 192mb, vm off, lots 'o extensions. Base system heap size is around 42mb.
marshull Apr 12, 2000 12:30 AM
I must agree. I usually start off around 30 megs and then after a couple of days i am up and passing 50megs. There is a major leak here. There always has been one but with 9.0.4 it seems to be real bad.
Misha Apr 12, 2000 07:34 AM
There is a well-known leak with IE... running IE (20 MB of RAM given to it), my heap grows to 52 MB on my Pismo.
Cipher13 Apr 16, 2000 06:46 AM
On my G3 450/384 OS 9 has gotten up to 89 megs with only AppleShareIP 6 running and a couple of other server apps running. There is a definite memory leak somewhere (duh). As an experiment I turned on virtual memory and it helped significantly (back to 42 megs). Try putting VM on - it may help. Obviously with 384 megs I didn't keep VM on and the problem returned after turning VM off. When I have the server running I normally quit the Finder (so people can't screw with it as easily, if they do manage to get it), and that gets rid of the problem to the naked eye, however, the amount of free space that becomes available after quitting Finder doesn't grow by 90 megs, but only by 40 megs. Strange?

Gregory Apr 16, 2000 09:02 AM
There is no memory leak in IE 5, and I believe Jimmy Grewal. The Mac OS provides APIs and using free memory is legit. Quiting the app and not freeing memory is. But often, background processes, even an AppleScript, will not be released and fraqment memory.

Get rid of all those inits that get loaded in memory.

On servers it is common practice on WindowsNT/2000 to have to reboot. it is a common problem.

>> From: Jimmy Grewal <>
>> Newsgroups: microsoft.public.inetexplorer.mac
>> Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 09:41:49 -0800
>> Subject: Re: Memory leak in IE 5?
>> There are no memory leaks in the product (we use several tools to check for
>> memory leaks while loading hundreds of web pages).
>> What you are seeing is our attempts to compensate for the lack of a modern
>> memory management system in MacOS 8/9. We use a normal system call to ask
>> for unused system heap when the app needs more memory.
>> If you see that IE is using 14.6mb while viewing a particular page, that
>> doesn't mean that all of that memory is required for that page. That number
>> slowly grows as we load more and more pages and need more memory to load
>> certain elements...they only way for us to return memory is to quit the
>> application at which point that memory is then available to other programs
>> of the MacOS. If we didn't do it that way, you'd have to set the
>> application partition to the largest possible number the app would ever
>> need...not the ideal scenario for casual web surfers on 32mb machines.
>> We can stop doing all this stuff under MacOS X and I can't wait.
>> -Jimmy


> From: "John W. Baxter" <>
> Newsgroups: microsoft.public.inetexplorer.mac
> Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 14:17:39 -0800
> Subject: Re: Memory leak in IE 5?
> Just to make things more fun, there are three heaps involved:
> The application heap (within the space whose size is determined using
> the informatino seen in the Memory pane of Get Info in Finder. (I say
> that carefully because various system versions add various small
> amounts.)
> System heap. Heap space used by the system, and for certain
> application-specific things ("system" handlers for Apple events, for
> example).
> Process manager heap. The memory from which is allocated the space for
> each application heap. AND the space from which is allocated "Temporary
> Memory".
> Most references I see to system heap in news postings are really
> referring to the process manager heap.
> --John
If $100 buys 128MB RAM today, and ten yrs ago u'd be lucky to buy 2MB for that price - buy some! 10MB is just not worth losing sleep over. If you want to run today's apps, and they run better with 32MB (system, browser, etc). If that is too rich there is always iCab or an alternative.

"Mac OS __ eats/uses/takes too much" etc. and there are memory leaks.." so what? Go run Linux or wait a couple months. By next year we'll be running X.II or something.

Apple provides tools, and if developers use the tools, do the best they can, or maybe the tools are faulty or other problems in the OS. Unix has been around for what? 20+ yrs industrial strength OS.

Flurk Apr 16, 2000 11:54 AM
My system software uses 49 MB RAM.
After using Internet Explorer 5.0 the system uses 58 MB RAM. This ONLY occurs with INTERNET EXPLORER. Not with Netscape, etc...
I am running 9.04 on a G3 Beige/333
I can assure you that Internet Explorer 5.0 has a memory leak!!
Quitting all applications, including the Finder, doesn't solve the problem.
It even caused sometimes a crash. (with MRJ 2.2 not with 2.1.4)
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