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vladimir Apr 11, 2000 03:51 PM
Adaptec Remus RAID software & OS 9
Clipping from MacFixIt!

Remus not compatible with Mac OS 9; will not be updated"

Both Greg Ray and Wayne Barker inform us that Remus 1.4 does not work
well with any Mac OS past OS 8.1. Problems are particularly serious in
Mac OS 9, where the RAID array may "vanish" from view altogether. Both
readers lament the fact that Remus is apparently the only
"software-based RAID solution that offered level 4 and 5 RAIDs. When
asked about a possible upgrade, Adaptec replied:

"We are discontinuing Remus software. Unfortunately, the version of
Remus we have in our inventory is not compatible with OS 9.0, sorry.
Since our version is not compatible with your configuration, you may
want to try SoftRAID."
Paul Huang Apr 16, 2000 12:13 AM
Don't be too alarmed if you are using Remus volume as the data-only volume.

As long as you don't place applications in the Remus (whether mirrored or striped), you should be fine. The problem with Mac OS 9.0 occurs when you have applications running from a Remus volume.
Don Foy Apr 17, 2000 10:10 PM
And don't worry if you have to switch. I have used SoftRAID for the past five years and it is as stable as a rock. If you have to migrate, I should be relatively painless, although time-consuming if you have several large drives.

If you do change over, test your backup restore (you do back up, don't you?) on a spare drive to make sure it is working correctly before you reformat those drives with SoftRAID.

SoftRAID is easy to use and the tech support is great.
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