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Oneota May 15, 2001 08:27 PM
AppleScript help, please!
Hello! I'm trying to write an AppleScript that will allow us to deploy our new Faculty master to the machines this summer. I've got the master itself almost done, but now I'd like to be able have a script that does the following:
1) Prompt for the recipient's username and real name (This part is done).

2) Set the Owner and Machine name based on the input (Also done)

3) Set the internet preferences for these apps, again based on the input to #1:
* Internet control panel (partially done -- weird bug though; see the end)
* Eudora 5
* Netscape Communicator, email module (Messenger, I think it's called)
* Possiby Entourage

I have the Internet control panel partially done, except the OSAX I'm using is geared toward Internet Config and seems to have some bugs with Apple's iteration of IC. Namely, entering "Set ICPreferences mail account <username>" enters the username in both the Mail Account ID blank *and* the mail server blank. This is bad. Can anyone point me to a better OSAX, as well as help me out on the other items on that list? Thanks!

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