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Blublub Apr 11, 2000 10:52 PM
9.04 Crashes while typing
Okay, this problem is now driving me certifiably insane. After installing 9.04 on two computers, but crash in a wide variety of apps whenever I type more than a few lines.

This happens nearly EVERY time! This is my third attempt after restarts to try and finish this post.

I never had this problem with 9.0, and the two systems are configured differently enough that I doubt it's a peripheral issue, or an extension conflict, since it happens with only base extensions on.

I'm at a complete loss. Someone responded to an earlier post that they were having the same problem. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried all the usual remedies - clean reinstall, zapping PRAM, rebuilding desktop, etc.

I have not had more problems with a system version since dealing with the version that shipped with my 7500 five years ago or so (7.5.2 if I remember correctly).

Funny thing is that 9.0 was the most stable OS I've had. I now have two systems that are totally hosed - they work allright as long as I don't try to type.

Blublub Apr 11, 2000 10:55 PM
Oops, forgot to mention that the apps keep quitting with Type 2 errors predominantly, but also Type 11. They also freeze, bring up a garbled crash dialog.

In addition to the typing-related crashes, all my Internet apps will eventually unexpectedly quit. Combining the two (typing in an app with an active Internet connection) is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.
altivec Apr 12, 2000 05:20 AM
what a surprise!!! i just thought it was the individual apps. my netscape crashes, ie, icq... and i posted thread on each of them, silly... but yes, all the interenet apps quit unexpectedly. especially with browsers, when i'm typing, posting threads... icq- when i'm chatting...

is it a bug? virus? well i ran norton v5 april couple of times, and it was ok.

but network apps are ok. telnet. it's fine. anyone else??? why???
Paul Crawford Apr 12, 2000 07:44 AM
Hi all,

Hmmmm, this one does sound like a doozy... I assume that you've already ruled out any potential update-related issues, such as:- mildly corrupted preference files; mildly damaged fonts or ATM issues; third-party USB keyboard/hub incompatibilities; or, VM being toggled On or RAM Disks being erased (by the updater).

A couple of suggestions:- First, try substantially bumping up the preferred memory size of each affected app. Second, if you updated via the Software Update control panel, try downloading the manual Mac OS 9.0.4 updater instead from Apple's Software Updates web site; then, do a "pure" clean-install again of Mac OS 9.0, and re-run the new updater with all extensions disabled.

Good luck,


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altivec Apr 13, 2000 02:22 AM
I never use the software update control panel, and i really can't afford to boost up the ram to internet browsers. i have netscape com. 4.7 set to 12MB, and IE5 to 9MB.

This is the only problem with the upgrade, everything else is perfect, oh the dvd sound popping... but want my soundset...

anyways, isn't there anybody else...
Paul Crawford Apr 13, 2000 03:27 AM
Hi again,

One more thing... For the benefit of those who haven't already explored other avenues, you could also add your voices to any relevant posts over in MacFixIt's Mac OS 9.0.x Forum -- e.g., OS 9.0.4 and "unexpectedly quit" -- or over on Apple's own Mac OS Discussion Forum -- e.g., there's a post which refers all the way back to Mac OS 8.6, but might still be relevant:- System Error Type 11 (it will be moved over to the Archive section very soon, judging by its date).

Okay, I guess I'll get out of everyone else's way, now. ;-)


mfiske Apr 13, 2000 11:32 AM
Yeah, I'm crashing while typing, so I'll keep this short. This is rediculous...

Steve K. Apr 13, 2000 03:43 PM
Since I updated to 9.04 (thru the manual download) my iMac DV_SE has crashed more often -- bu t mostly the keyboard freezes. If I unplug it from the side of the iMac and plug it back in, everything is fine. Never had this problem with regular Os9.

Any thoughts?!
Steve K. Apr 13, 2000 03:46 PM
PS -- I also have 9.04 installed on my 8600/250 with a NewerTech G3 card in it. I don't have any problems on that system! Only the iMac.
altivec Apr 13, 2000 07:19 PM
giving the app more ram doesn't do anything at all. still crashes...
Applurker Apr 13, 2000 07:47 PM
I, too lock up regularly after upgrading to 9.04. Will they correct this for me or should I reinstall 9.0? Any educated guesses?
Applurker Apr 13, 2000 07:50 PM
Ooops, forgot to mention this is an iMac DV.
drewman Apr 14, 2000 04:24 PM
Apple has mentioned in the past that a rash of bad keyboards made it out the door and to call and get them replaced.

One of the symptoms was crashing while typing I believe...

Call Apple.

altivec Apr 18, 2000 09:01 PM
well i called apple and sadly they didn't give me a new keyboard. it would have been nice to hang one on the wall.... but anyways, they just told me to simply trash the tcp/ip prefs and restart it. if this was the solution why didn't i think of it???

well i'm on network and this solved the crashes, so i guess it was the tcp/ip pref corruption. so far it's good. anyone else with the problem, tell me how this solves your problem.
felicitas Apr 19, 2000 02:01 AM
Hi, guys,

I'm not sure if this is what you were experiencing, but any application in which I typed about a page of text unexpectedly quit (type 1 or 2 error). It seemed to happen after I started using 9.04. Allocating more memory to the application did not help, but disconnecting my USB game controller resolved the problem.

Hope this helps.


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Anilam Apr 19, 2000 08:14 PM
All iMac's should have the mouse connected directly into the computer. This will solve most of the keyboard freezing problems. You no longer will have to unplug and plug back in.

Flurk Apr 20, 2000 04:59 AM
Give applications as Word, Netscape and Explorer as much memory as possible.
I have no more type 2-3-11 errors.
But I gave those applications 40 MB RAM.
(allocating only 2-3 MB won't help)
In some cases, with other applications, trashing the prefs also solved the problem.
And the most important thing: did you update all your 3rd party extensions?
And use an utility like Conflict Catcher or Norton to scan folders for damaged files (resource forks).
Don't use any beta software.
altivec Apr 22, 2000 02:58 AM
40MB allocation to apps??? that's alot!!!! i don't think any apps should have +40MB. especially if it's word, netscape, ie etc...

my problem was completely solved by trashing couple prefs that seemed suspicious. for some reason if i change my tcp/ip setting a lot, the prefs become damaged when i save. and the control panel crashes often.

Gregory Apr 22, 2000 10:29 AM
To the person using IE w/ 9MB - good luck. I have it set to 24MB. iCab 2.0 even uses 28MB now while opening windows and surfing for an hour. Close windows it drops back down nicely.

NC 4.7 will use 48MB (vm on or off!) if you have and give it that much. Which I would.

Too much? This is 2000 and operating systems take 30+ MB. RAM is cheap - or $100 buys 100x as much as 1989.

Backup, reformat, clean install. Take about an hour or two with couple SCSI drives. It works.

Get rid at least temp. any 3rd party stuff - turn it off and try it.

Move pref file out of system folder.

Someone mentioned virus and norton 5 - I hope they meant NAV6. And don't trust NUM 5, esp. don't use their dirty extensions if you do.

9.0 and 9.04 are the best I've seen since 6.05.

raroche Apr 22, 2000 06:49 PM
If you follow the 9,0,4 thread off MacFixIt, you will find a lot of folks removed their MacAlly iShock and other MacAlly peripherals and are running fine now. My son's iMac had the same type/crash problem. I dropped it back to 9.0.2.

My G4 is running 9.0.4 fine with an MacAlly ikey keyboard. Only gripe is I can't sync my Palm - have to wait for the fix from Palm.
someone Apr 22, 2000 07:13 PM
I'm really sorry about all your problems—OS 9.0.4 is the most stable OS I've had. I guess you'll be wanting to go back to OS 9 now. I'm not sure about this, but I think if you remove the PowerPC Enabler 9.0.4 from your System Folder it might succeed in bringing you back to OS 9. Once again, sorry about your bad luck.
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