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wclarkson May 18, 2001 05:00 PM
Applescript/ Disc Image
I downloaded a disc image from an ftp server. (My dad's) Now I can't open it with disc copy or through the finder. I want to tell the finder that this is a disc image and to mount it.

I know that AppleScript can change the file type but I don't know applescript and It appears to hard to learn. Could you smart mac users help me out. I really want this program to install. Thanks in Advance
Cipher13 May 18, 2001 09:28 PM
Go to and download the demo of Shrinkwrap. It will mount the image

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AppleScript May 19, 2001 12:41 AM
Select the disk image in the Finder and then run the following script:

tell app "Finder"
set the file type of selection to "rohd"
set the creator type of selection to "ddsk"
end tell


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Moonray May 19, 2001 02:00 AM
The easiest way (and the way without using third party software) is still to use ResEdit. From the File menu choose get File/Folder info, select your file and enter the appropriate Type and Creator in the window which pops up. In this case for disk copy disk images it is rohd and ddsk like AppleScript said.

Cipher13 May 19, 2001 03:55 AM
The issue is not the wrong/right creator/type codes but not being able to open the image because its in a different format.

Getting Shrinkwrap and dragging the image to it will do what wclarkson wants done.

AIM: Cipher1387
ICQ: 48111606
wclarkson May 19, 2001 08:56 AM
Once I did the shrinkwrap and the applescript. It saw it was a disk image. I then encountered an error. Type -39 there was an unexpected end-of-file which may mean that the file was corrupted or damaged. How Do I fix this.
Moonray May 19, 2001 01:08 PM
Oops... in this case you are missing the resource fork. If the file was not bin-hexed or stuffed (extensions .hqx, .bin, .sit) and it was an old-style .img image (not a new UDIF image ending with .dmg) and you get it via ftp you'll get only the data-fork.

Best is to ask your dad to convert that image into one of these formats which store both, the resource and data fork in one, get it again from the ftp and use Stuffit Expander to unpack it again.

If you need a conversion tool, go to and do a search for "binhex". DropBin for example is a free easy to use program to convert files to the binhex format.

Hope that helps

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