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mrchin May 19, 2001 12:31 AM
USB Printer Not Sharing?
USB Printer Sharing seemed pretty straight forward and I set it up with my G4 Tower and Tibook thinking that it would work.

I've got the Epson Drivers loaded on both computers. I Checked the printer in the My Printers Tab on the tower to share it. Copied the file to the desktop and onto the Tibook. But in the Ti, it won't let me drag it into the USB PS window. I try to click on start Printer Sharing on the Ti but nothing happens. So it won't let me add anything. It's all started on the tower.

By the way, I'm using Airport to connect these two using Software BS. Shouldn't be a problem since Sharing uses TCP and that's how these 2 macs are communicating. What am I doing wrong?

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Need help, or better yet, can you help me,
Bugs Bunny May 19, 2001 01:36 AM
Have you tried to add your printer form the USB PS control panel on the TI? (add, local network) Also, in the USB PS control panel on the G4, is the box checked next to your printer, (share this printer). Which model Epson are you using? I'm assuming the printer is on, and connected directly to the G4's built-in USB port
mrchin May 21, 2001 04:47 PM
The checkbox is checked. It won't let me add printer on the Ti. Its all grayed out because I first have to turn on USB PS in the first panel, but it won't let me. All the necessary extensions are on.

No, the printer is not directly plugged into the back of the tower. Do you think it really has to? How many things do I have that need to be plugged directly into the back. It's actually plugged into the keyboard. I've got my ZipCD burner directly into the back and my hub directly into the back. Maybe it's because the printer's in the keyboard which is in the hub into the back. One chain link too many do you think? I'll try into the hub tonight. Maybe that'll work.

Cocoa Krispies. Burning Pentiums to a Crisp!
Need help, or better yet, can you help me,
Bugs Bunny May 21, 2001 07:16 PM
Yea, I'm using a hub to connect 2 printers, scanner, to my G4. And USB Printer Sharing via Airport works great with my Ti.
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