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raygol May 19, 2001 01:54 AM
Software Restore

When I bought my iMac with OS 9.1, it included 2 discs - one is called
"Software Install" and the other, "Software Restore".

It will be nice if an explanation could be given here what is the utilization of this second CD, and how.
Bugs Bunny May 19, 2001 02:21 AM
Software Restore is a waste. It basically puts your Mac back to the original configuration, extensions, control panels, etc.
posthumanus May 19, 2001 08:34 AM
my iMac came with an OS 9 install disk but an OS 8.6 restore disk (of course i didnÕt realize this oversight until it was too late).

the upshot was that i actually had to pay attention when i eventually got around to doing a HD strip and clean install: then i discovered that the restore disk not only had OS 8.6 but also held additional apps such as iMovie, Quicktime & Appleworks (which werenÕt on the install disk).

i then had to install the OS 8.6 onto a back (created) partition, then move those apps across to the front OS 9 partition.

so this seems a good opportunity to ask:

if i could just slot my 8.6 restore disk in without having to install OS 8.6 onto a seperate partition first, then i could get access to those apps and drag them: iÕm guessing this has something to do with custom install?

raygol: iÕm not trying to hijack your thread but:

i naturally hesitate before installing OSes. i know this is apple 101 stuff but iÕve only done it once so far and seem to have a peculiar problem re this.

can anyone elaborate/clarify?
AppleScript May 19, 2001 02:36 PM
It is possible to gain access to the contents of the Restore CD without restoring onto another partition. To do this, you open Disk Copy and then drag the image file onto the application. This creates a disk with the entire contents of the original configuration of the computer.

reader50 May 19, 2001 03:44 PM
Quick answers:

The Software Install CD is the full OS install CD - for your model of Mac. You can install or deinstall any OS component with it, but it may not work on other Mac models. To install/deinstall on all supported Mac models you would need the retail OS install CD. Note that a full install from the Software Install CD takes a while.

The Software Restore CD contains a disk image of the original HD configuration and a special copy utility called "Apple Software Restore". If you do not need a custom OS configuration, this CD allows a fast copy to restore things. Usually takes only a couple of minutes. Note that you are not restricted to wiping the HD, you can do a clean install with all previous contents moved to a folder.

AppleScript's post is correct, you can access the HD disk image in the Software Restore CD. However you do not need to drag the HD image to Disk Copy to mount it, all you should need to do is to double-click the HD image. It is located at /Restore CD/Configurations

If doubleclicking does not work to mount the disk image, that means either your desktop file needs to be rebuilt (hold down apple-option during the next bootup or use the freeware TechTool), or DiskCopy is not present in your system. You can get Disk Copy from your OS 9 Software Install CD (utilities folder), your OS 9 Software Restore CD (utilities folder), or from Apple's software downloads page.
posthumanus May 20, 2001 10:12 PM
thanks for that.
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