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mfiske Apr 13, 2000 04:32 PM
This goes out to all of you who have NEVER gotten Mac OS 9 to work right!
I JUST posted this to Apple’s Tech Exchange. I’d be much obliged if, sometime in the next 20 minutes, some, or maybe even ALL of you, could drop by and back me up a bit.

thanks much!

topic: “You should be ASHAMED of 9.0.4, Apple...”

“Horrible, horrible audio performance when used with an iSub (with or withOUT Virtual Memory on), and it crashes SO often while typing (have you heard of this bug yet?), that I’m about to bring the OS 7.5.5 ‘030 Mac TV back out just so I can get some work done. This ALL needs to be fixed VERY soon (meaning BEFORE the next paid OS upgrade, and ideally, before the end of THIS MONTH). Shame on you, Apple. I’d come to expect better.”
slboett Apr 13, 2000 05:52 PM
While I don't doubt you and others have had problems, I would NOT support or back you up as EVERY and I mean every Mac I have running 9.02 and 9.04 is rock-solid.
If you were to research posts after every OS update, major or minor, there is a rash of people with problems. Some are software conflicts, some are user error - and I feel most are user errors. Don't get all huffy and offended, Macs are much more complex these days and someone who is less than an analyst may have a lot of trouble stabilizing systems.

mfiske Apr 13, 2000 05:56 PM
First of all, if what you say is true, Apple is making a mistake turning their attention to consumers, who can't very well afford an analyst to solve their crippling crashes. And lastly, *I* am what you might call an "analyst"

slboett Apr 13, 2000 08:01 PM
I totally agree that aiming any computer towards consumers is a mistake. The average Mom and teenager will be in hell as soon as things fall apart.
As for you, I don't know why you're having the trouble you are. There are so many variables that 's i'ts impossible to tell here. I wish you luck, but you should know that 9.x is working very well for many people.

bood69 Apr 13, 2000 08:03 PM
If you're about to fire up a Macintosh TV with 7.5.5 loaded, what in the world are you using now?
wlonh Apr 13, 2000 09:27 PM
i feel compelled to say again (have posted this elsewhere) that i am running MacOS 9.04 on three generations of Macs: 6200, rev2 G3 mintower, iBook.
all are rock solid stable, faster now than under OS 9.0, and are all using 2M less RAM for the sysheapola than they did under 9.0

my relative's Macs: 6360, 6500, 8600, PB G3 Series... all report similar conditions, no problems. all but the PB G3 have Sonnet Crescendo G3 cards in them...

i wish everyone could say the same, that MacOS 9.04 is working great for them.

i have never been happier with my Macs and MacOS

and oh yes, my browsers wipe at quit now, they give up their RAM fully at quit, amazing

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mfiske Apr 13, 2000 10:08 PM
The problems seem to be inherently USB-related (ie, the USB keyboard, and the USB iSub). Which means (that's right, folks!), I'M running 9.0.4 on an iMac 350 AND a Rev. A iBook, each with plenty of RAM, and with all SORTS of troubles, and aside from Timbuktu Pro, FreeMIDI, and the SoundJam Extension, all completely stock Apple-software. And YES, I've tried disabling these extensions, and NO, it didn't help.

Tell me that each of you who has criticized my views of 9.0.4 is attempting to use an iSub AND a USB keyboard, and I will gladly accept the criticizm. If you are not using any of these devices, though, please try and understand my disappointment that, ever since 9.0, I've been hoping that 9.0.4 would fixe these problems. Instead, it introduced a "crash while typing" bug.

slboett Apr 13, 2000 10:52 PM
Well Mark, our criticisms have been reasonable. Now here's the kicker:

Get the picture?

I have a FireWire drive hooked up as well as an Epson 740 USB printer...shall I continue???

bood69 Apr 14, 2000 01:09 AM

I have an iMac DV with USB hub, USB Keyboard, iSub, USB Gravis Xterminator Pad, and a mouse, all plugged in at the same time. Under 9.0.4, I haven't had a single stability problem yet, no crashes, no hangs, nada, even running IE 5 and whatever else. I sympathize with those having problems with the update, but on my computer, 9.0.4 has been bulletproof.
GORDYmac Apr 14, 2000 09:45 AM
Yea, dude.

My mac is slowly returning to stability, it still crashes every other day, but I'm not sure it's completely OS related. I think what we are experiencing with OS 9 are growing pains, I believe the underpinnings of the OS are being prepared for OS X (Carbonlib), and this is where the problems are popping up.

I don't really want anyone to refute that, since it is the explanation I have accepted. Others may feel free to borrow it, and pray along with me that OS X will be the answer to our prayers.
pjrgois Apr 15, 2000 07:00 AM
Under this topic you all seem to be experienced users so I'm posting this problem to you: Since I have upgraded to Mac OS 9.0.4 Quake 2 turned to be so slow I can't play it, please and I mean please, please... Give me a hint on this problem I have tried everithing and I'm not a inexperient user. Please tell me if there is someone that can help me I mean realy help not some forum or something like that I have tried It but nothing came to solve this. If you know someone that uses a iMac Rec. C 266MHz and OS 9.0.4 and is having no problems whith quake 2 please give me his contact (e-mail) if possible. Please I'm desperet... Thank you for your time
Flurk Apr 15, 2000 10:43 AM
We did the 9.04 update on a G3/333 Beige, an Imac 266 and a G4/450. And all these machines are rock solid...
Only a few problems with Microsoft software, but the system software is very stable.
But we always did a clean install of OS 9.0 and update all 3rd party extensions, trash finder prefs, macos prefs and rebuild the desktop. If necessary we even ZAPped the PRAM.

But some people install OS 9.0 over 8.6 and don't update all their extensions. That is really looking for problems...

Search on for all the latest updates.

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Gregory Apr 15, 2000 03:50 PM
I learned a long time ago to reformat and do clean install before even minor system updates. Also some installers fail to properly remove old extensions as they should.

Some people thing I'm wasting time, etc. Well, it can take days to find a conflict. Maybe never. Reformat etc. takes under two hours.

Now, if you have an iMac, reformatting, backup/restore, is no easy trick. FireWire HDDs are still new idea. Which is why I never recommend iMac, or non-upgradeable, or stuck with small screen.

9.04 is rock solid, and so is IE5. I'd say this is the best I've since since 6.05.

I have one wish, that Apple would release an OS 9.04 and 9.1 CD with IE 5 etc and all the updates rolled into one install.

Turn off VM, make sure you have more RAM than you ever need, and disk space, and two full backups.

iPond317 Apr 15, 2000 04:03 PM
I have Mac OS 9.0.4 on my iMac Rev. B and it works like a charm. I've had no problems with software conflicts or hardware conflicts And to tell you the truth, as I've noticed other people in these posts have reported, OS 9.0.4 is much more stable and faster than OS 9. I've never once had my system crash while just typing a document or surfing the Web. All systems running normally! I couldn't be happier. Hopefully with OS X coming in the near future, hopefully by the end of summer, all problems will be gone. Well, not all, but most. There will always be conflicts. Also, I have to agree with slboett that most of the problems related with OS 9 are probably user errors. I've been using Macs for years and never get the kinds of problems that I hear about in these forums.
I'm actually happy with what Apple has done to it's products, including the OS. So, sorry, I can't complain to Apple for you. I wrote them an e-mail the other day telling them how good of a job I thought they were doing. Give 'em a chance!!!! They'll get it all right eventually. Could you imagine how much trouble we'd be having if we were working on a Wintel POS? That's what I thought!
rambo47 Apr 15, 2000 04:23 PM
I'm running OS 9.0.4 on a Wallstreet PB, 192MB RAM, and life is good! I had an awful time with OS 8.6. Constant crashes on waking from sleep and finder crashes at all times. OS 9 and all versions since have been rock solid.
Since I'm using a Wallstreet I never have used any USB equipment, for which I'm thankful. Seems Apple has had a bear of a time getting this technology to intergrate with their software. Better now, but still not like the old ADB and SCSI ports. My needs are simple: an Epson 740 connected to the serial port and a DSL modem in the Ethernet port. Everything else is an expansion bay item.
Hopefully, my next system will be a "Mercury" G4 Powerbook and OS X.

Todd Madson Apr 17, 2000 04:47 PM
Let me tell you about something else. Over the weekend I worked on the iMac 350 that is owned by my father-in-laws neighbor. He's an attorney and this is his first real foray into the home computer thing. He bought what appears to be a Kingston USB hub, an Agfa scanner (very nice) and the matching Epson printer - all bondi blue. He had numerous problems with a CD-ROM that was supplied by a local telco would-be-ISP that installed FreePPP which conflicted with his already installed dial-in solution. I removed this, but the machine was as stable as a waterbed, constantly crashing, freezing. Highly annoying. The OS? 9.0. I brought a CD-R I burned of 9.04 and updated his machine. I rebooted. It was alike a completely different machine. Even he could see the difference. Smooth as silk, fast, responsive and it just worked! My wife even updated her iMac DV SE to 9.04 and she could see the difference. My G4 works great on 9.04 - smooth as silk. I have as yet not updated my old 6400 to 9.04, but I anticipate no issues in doing so. There may be issues with each individual installation, but there's no firm pointer that says "9.04 is a travesty", it works well for me. Sometimes it's just best to format it and start with a clean slate. -t.
Charliex Apr 17, 2000 05:51 PM
Just last week I treated my self with new G4/400,320Mb RAM runing on 9.0.2. Everything works fine except Simpletext witch with some documents giving me error -199. Same documents open fine on PB 1400c.......any ideas?
wlonh Apr 17, 2000 06:05 PM
simpletext problem: try upping the RAM allocation to simpletext a bit
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