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Skaught24 May 19, 2001 06:41 PM
Help! misreporting of file sizes
Okay, I am in a real bind here....hope you guyz can help!

I recently installed a 40Gb HD and controller card into a powermac 8600 with a G3 processor upgrade at work. It is used as a file server as well as a workstation. It is currently running OS 8.6

After reinstalling applications and system software, everything works perfect except for two things:

First, I can't pull any files from other computers without locking up (via ethernet). I can place files and open files from other computers on the network, but If I try to move files from another computer to the 8600, it hangs. However, if I am on another computer, I can send files to the 8600 without a hitch.

Second, the new drive is getting filled up very quickly. At first, I couldn't figure out where all of the space was going. However, I did a "Get info" on a folder that I KNEW had only about 250mb in it. The get info box showed it as:

867mb (249,582,335 bytes)

The first number and second number doesn't match up.

The finder says that the new 40Gb has about 19GB used up, but in reality, it should only have about 8Gb.

Help me please! Boss will be back later this week!
reader50 May 19, 2001 07:15 PM
I can't comment on the file sharing problem, no networking experience.

The new hard drive was formatted as HFS (Mac OS Standard). Back it up, and reformat as HFS+ (Mac OS Extended). A drive that large formatted with HFS will end up with a minimum file size of over half a megabyte.

If the networking problems are still there after you fix the format on the hard drive, post the problem over in the Networking Forum. The people over there will straighten it out.

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Skaught24 May 20, 2001 11:30 AM
Thanks for the info, I will ask over at the network forum as well.
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