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chuck101 May 20, 2001 06:03 AM
Apple Event Error -1707 What is it?
Recently I have been getting "Apple Event Error -1707 Serial Monitor Settings" dialog during shutdown. Shutdown stops and a forced restart is necessary...

What is this error? How can it be corrected?

Seemed to begin when I upgraded to Quicktime 5.0, but I can't be sure.

Running OS 8.6 on a Beige G3/300 with Apple Multiple Scan 720 display.

Thanks for any help.
Cipher13 May 20, 2001 06:12 AM
Are you using an adapter of any sort between the monitor and computer?

The -1707 is very rare - its when an AppleEvent is called, but the action is not actually an AppleEvent (very basic rundown).

AppleEvents are what the MacOS is based around - moving, copy, clicking, are AppleEvents, etc, I think... I can't really remember.

Try reinstalling QuickTime 4 (remove 5 by hand), and see if the error goes away...

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chuck101 May 20, 2001 06:33 AM
There is no adapter between the monitor and CPU.

I'll try the QT 4 reinstall.

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