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iPond317 Apr 15, 2000 03:53 PM
Remote Access Auto-Connect
I really like the Auto-Connect feature in Remote Access. But what I hate about it is when I open the app to connect, it opens a dialog box that cannot be moved or collapsed, i.e. I can't do anything on my system until after it connects. I use the control strip to connect instead of the Auto-Connect. My question is, how can I open an app and connect to the Internet at the same time w/out getting that annoying PPP window?

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wlonh Apr 15, 2000 04:21 PM
ok, that kinda large rather whitish connect dialog window is modal and because it is 'modal' it takes over completely and you can't do nada until it connects, as you have found.

connecting with the RA control strip mod is a non-modal way of connecting and therefore you can be doing things during the connection. this is the way i connect to my ISP, non-modally using RA strip mod.

you could do a small hack with ResEdit to make the modal connection a non-modal connection when you launch an Internet app and i think there's a posted hack for this at

short of that, i don't think you can get precisely what you want.
wlonh Apr 16, 2000 10:45 AM

this is the hack i spoke of, i used it myself but no longer do because i like using RA control strip mod (non-modal) then launching IE etc, after connection has been made

it is simple to do this edit! always remember to work on A COPY of whatever you are editing with ResEdit!

and this is a tasty morsel, it kills the 5 second redial delay in RA:

ResEdit is a great tool and is NOT hard to use... don't be afraid of it, just always work on a copy of whatever file and you can't go wrong! well i never have anyway

these edits and so many more are here:

Apple's ResEdit can be found here:

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