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yoyo52 Apr 18, 2000 12:33 PM
DW extension and Control Strip Extension
Has anyone besides me had conflicts with the DiskWarrior extension? If I have it in the extensins file, and have the Control Strip extension and Control Panel active, the result is a crash. This is on a G4 AGP 400 MHz running OS 9.04.
wlonh Apr 18, 2000 12:51 PM
i believe that the extesnion has been updated to address this issue and maybe others...
do you have the latest version?
yoyo52 Apr 18, 2000 05:48 PM
I have verson 2.02, which is the most recent one, so the problem is not with an early version--wish it was!
Paul Crawford Apr 20, 2000 02:06 PM
Hi all:

From my own long and bitter [okay, just kidding :-)] experience with the CS Extension, it seems to be rather finicky about memory conditions, especially when VM is On. [Although, on my older beige PM G3/266/128MB-RAM/129MB-VM under Mac OS 9.0.4, the DW and CS extensions do get along well together.]

Assuming that your problem isn't G4-specific [how I yearn for the day when I can have one of those :-)] or caused by mildly corrupted preference files, it may not actually be related to the DW extension per se, but rather to some accidental conflict in the system heap (perhaps even due to a combination with some other extension). If you haven't already tried this, see if running with just a {'Base' + DW extension} set eliminates the problem; also, try reducing the number of active CS modules to just your essential ones, and rebooting.

Otherwise, if you haven't already searched the other major forums [fora?], try hunting in the PowerMac G3,G4s Forum here on MacNN, or over in MacFixIt's Troubleshooting Mac OS 9.0.x Forum, or over in Apple's own Mac OS Discussion Forum or PowerMac Discussion Forum.

Good luck,


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