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Unclej78 May 21, 2001 07:46 PM
9.1 & Extension Manager
I have an iMac DV 400, 384 Ram.

Everytime I open my extension manager it crashes. I tried everything I can think of. Restarting with extension off and still crashes, deleting the prefs. Wouldn't be much of a problem but my PC Exchange isn't working properly.

I have a USB floppy and need something off of it. It will mount and open, but says the disc if empty with 54k Available. When I info. the disk, it says there are 5 items on disk, but opening the disk shows nothing.

I've pretty much have had this problem since installing OS 9.1. Similar problem: Says disk needs to be initalized when there is stuff on it.

PS: I DON'T LIKE OS 9.1! I have had many problems with it and some other programs. It's not as stable as OS 9.04.
Chuck_star May 21, 2001 08:27 PM
Your extension manager probably needs more memory. Go into your system folder-> Control panels-> extension manager. Single click
From the menu bar. File-> get info-> memory. Bump it up to 5000k.

Can't help you with the floppy thing, (haven't used one in years)

If you don't like 9.1 keep your ears open for 9.2. I hear it may be coming soon and it is supposed to be a very good OS. I agree with you that 9.0.4 is quite stable. I still have it running my master backup drive. Which is perfectly tuned and never crashes(hardly ever used though and nothing installed since Dec2000). I have little problem with 9.1, don't notice much improvement though.
ddiokno May 21, 2001 10:08 PM
You might want to try doing a clean install of 9.1 . Sometimes, if you install over a previous version, or do an update, it still leaves remnants in the folder that might be problematic (ie corrupt, or things that might not be compatible). By doing a clean install, you isolate everything else, and will be able to see if it is an OS issue... another problem could be somehting underlying everything, such as hard drive probelms... have you run any disk utilities? Also, have you checked to see if there are any updated USB drivers for your floppy?
good luck,
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