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primecut May 22, 2001 05:05 AM
Please help! Extensions and Conrol Panels disappeared after restart!!
I'm running OS 9.1 on a G4 400 AGP Tower and here's my problem:
I downloaded a .sit file and when I tried to decompress it I got a finder I decided to restart my computer.
When I restarted loaded without any extensions or control panels..without me turning extensions I wondered what was going on.I looked in the extensions and control panels folder..and both were completely empty. 0 items. I'm shocked, and I have no idea what happened. Being an experienced Mac OS user this has never happened to me or anyone that I know of. Please help!!!!!!!!! I can't do jack on my computer right now and I'm forced to use my PC! Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated. I really don't not want to reinstall my comp.
acur128 May 22, 2001 06:14 AM
sounds peculiar... anything in the extensions (disabled) folder or control panels (disabled)? if not, i'd suggest firing up extensions manager (or conflict catcher), but i guess that's mia as well - maybe try a Sherlock search for some of your favorites to see if they're hiding out someplace, or even check the trash. If nothing turns up, you may need to get them back with a clean install... actually, if there aren't too many to replace, i prefer to grab them off the disk image on the original software restore cd, or from the "tome" files on the os install cd using "tome viewer" ( ). if there's anything irreplaceable, may need a data recovery tool (maybe norton or something similar). hope something turns up-

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reader50 May 23, 2001 02:27 AM
This sounds like disk damage to the file tree structure. And it may not be limited to the Control Panels and Extensions folders. Run Disk First Aid (the verify command), see if it reports catalog errors, B-tree errors, missing file records, or volume bit map errors. There are others that could turn up as well.

If the errors do turn up, you will need TechTool Pro or DiskWarrior to fix it. Norton could probably do it also. Do not let DFA repair the damage, it would do so by eliminating the remaining parts of the missing file listings. Probably DFA will refuse to repair the damage actually.
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