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cygnet74 May 23, 2001 05:48 AM
When can we expect Mac OS 9.2?
As I'm sure most of you are aware, Mac OS 9.2 is in development and I was wondering if anyone had an idea when we could expect it. Hard facts and mere speculation are equally welcome!
Number Three May 23, 2001 10:37 PM
A wild guess, I'd say July or August. Maybe earlier. A friend of mine is a tester, and he already has the F2 seeding.
mac freak May 23, 2001 10:56 PM
It seems to be progressing rapidly.
I'd bet on MWNY, alongside OS X 10.1.
Speaking of 10.1, it better be one hulluvan update...

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hero969 May 23, 2001 11:06 PM
I was just running 9.2b2. Hope Apple legal doesn't get mad at me for this.... But personally I haven't seen a very big difference between it and 9.1. Yes, it is more stable; I only had 2 system crashes in a week. Also, there is a new Apple Menu Item called "Speakable Items" which lets you speak with your microphone and have commands be done. Oh, one other thing that I have noticed, that personally is very annoying, is that when iTunes is open, and you adjust the sound with your keyboard, the volume display does not come up, but only changes the sound of iTunes. I always use this feature to turn the whole systems sound down, so for me it is only a nuisance. Any other questions you can ask.

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yoyo52 May 23, 2001 11:22 PM
Speakable Items is not new on 9.2. It's been around since 8 I believe.

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NBK May 24, 2001 08:33 AM
After what I heard, Apple would also release a Mac OS 9.5, for those who aren't able to run Mac OS X!
Miniryu May 24, 2001 08:12 PM
OS 9.5?! Wow! I'd rather have that than the current OS X or OS X.1
OverclockedHomoSapien May 24, 2001 10:33 PM
Cool. I want to see Apple hone OS 9 down to a fast, stable OS that will last for years, because I don't expect OS X to be ready for at least a few years. Rock on, Apple.

As long as OS 9 is being updated I couldn't care less about OS X. OS 9 ROCKS! May 25, 2001 11:22 AM
I also still love OS 9.1...

I doubt they would title the next huge revision 9.5 though. I think they will go with 9.2, 9.3 etc. since they will want to keep the 9.x version numbers going for a while. Just a guess though. I guess it breaks their pattern.

Robert Accettura
Owner/Webmaster of
Jsnuff1 May 25, 2001 01:17 PM
i doubt apple will keep updating os 9, after this summer os 9 will be discontinued, first of all apple wants people to switch to osx and also want people to buy comps that will run osx, as for everyone else apple will take care of them with 9.2
NBK May 25, 2001 02:31 PM
I'm just telling you what I heard! It's not like I've wrote to Apple: "Will there be a Mac OS 9.5?" May 25, 2001 07:46 PM
Most likely updates will continue for quite a while since it is included in OS X. It won't get huge overhauls, but I am very certain that updates will happen for at least the next 18 months.

Robert Accettura
Owner/Webmaster of
OverclockedHomoSapien May 25, 2001 09:20 PM
The bad thing about Apple calling an update "9.5" is that they traditionally charge for any x.5 release. I don't think Apple would charge for an OS 9.x release since they are focusing on increasing the OS X install base.
SpiffyGuyC May 29, 2001 02:39 PM
Apple has seeded MacOS 9.2 FC3 and it's more or less solid. Good chance this will be the release. I don't know if they will give it to us immediately or hold it to release alongside OS X 10.1 or 10.0.(5). Possible problems with CarbonLib to be worked out before distribution that may or may not warrant one last build.

lholland May 29, 2001 03:58 PM
in other words, this article ( ) that I read Saturday night. l/h

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SpiffyGuyC May 29, 2001 04:55 PM
Bah, they beat me by 3 days. Just found out about that.
I don't think the CabonLib problems are as bad as they're saying though, can probably be fixed with a revision of the extension. But I have had a few instances where applications have refused to run.

AppleScript May 30, 2001 12:41 PM
I'd say that 9.2 will be released in the second or third week of June.


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SpiffyGuyC May 30, 2001 03:34 PM
I'd say that 9.2 will be released in the second or third week of June.
Yeah, I read that on MOSR too. I think it'll be sooner rather than later - things are running fine in FC3. Won't take long from FC4's release to declare it GM.
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