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chel May 23, 2001 08:26 AM
OS9 (with OSX on a diff partition) troubles
I've got a g4 dual-500 with 384 megs of Apple ram.

Before I installed OSX, I initialized my drive into two partitions, and installed OS9 (from the disk that came with OSX) onto both partitions (one a scaled back version for Classic mode, one a full version), and installed OSX onto one partition (the one with the scaled back OS9). Because I depend on SCSI devices (need my scanner and cd writer all day), and OSX doesn't support them, I needed to revert back to using OS9 full time. So I am using the fuller version.

Here's the deal:
- constant crashes. We are talking about 5 a day. I checked the extensions manager and disabled everything I could, but it's just not helping. Does anyone have any inside info on what to disable and what not to disable to make OS9 with the OSX components stop crashing?!?!

- the General Controls control panel keeps resetting itself every time I shut down my machine. It reverts back to "folder set by document" for opening/saving prefs and not checking the computer when it starts up after a crash. I trashed the prefs on this guy, no solution.

- refuses to recognize my USB devices half the time. Every time I start up, it decides it doesn't recognize two of my USB devices, even though they are properly installed. I have to spend a couple of minutes telling it not to search for drivers already installed! And yes, I checked the manufacturers website for updates and reinstalled everything fresh from disk. No help!

I did a clean install, wiped out half my apps and their extensions and prefs- nothing is helping. Does anyone have any advice? Should I just reinstall from my original OS9 disk and forget OSX until I can use it? Arghhh!
Meteo May 23, 2001 09:32 AM
zap PRAm, rebuild desktop, install the new statup disk panel(, and the new disk first aid (, run disk first aid
what else?
make a fsck when you boot on os X:
be careful both startup disk and DFA require os 9.1
but are you running os 9.1?? it is the only fully compatible with X, I hope you remember...
chel May 23, 2001 11:03 AM
Yeah, as I said in my original post, I installed OS9 off the disk that came with OSX, so it's 9.1.

Did all that stuff already, nothing helped.
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