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Slc57 May 23, 2001 10:49 PM
Installers read my HD as 2 gb!
Every installer says my HD has 2 gb avilable. When the window and profiler say I have 4.66! I can not install many things because of this.. Please help me... It is not the installers because they work on other computers.

Alex Cuter
Jsnuff1 May 24, 2001 02:50 PM
what are you installing that is larger than 2 gb?
NBK May 25, 2001 03:02 PM
Well, installers mostly say stuff like this: "> 2GB available", but I have never had problems with it!
Camelot May 26, 2001 01:24 AM
Earlier versions of the MacOS (like many OS's) have a 2GB file size limit.. that is you can't write any file larger than 2gb. The problem relates to various file-handling routines that can't handle large numbers.

Apple revised the OS and removed the limit in OS 9.x when using HFS+ volumes, so it's now powssible to use files larger than 2gb.

Unfortunately, older apps aren't necessarily aware of the change and still enforce the 2GB limit. This is why the installer reports 2GB as the available size.

It shouldn't be a problem because it's unlikely that the files you're installing are greater than 2gb... in fact, it's impossible since the version of the installer you're using wouldn't support it anyway.
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