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TonyRado May 26, 2001 11:28 PM
Major Memory Issues (. . . I think)
ok, my problems started with a couple of system crashes. Then, after another freeze, I got a "3-Beep" warning at startup and then "nothing," as in dead, no startup, my Ti just acted like it was asleep. I had to press the reset button in the back to turn it completely off. Power on gave "3Beep" again and again. Finally, zapping the pRAM on a subsequent startup at least got me restarted. The 1st thing I noticed was that my RAM Disk was gone, which I am told is normal. Unfortunately, I now have a VERY difficult time rebuilding a RAM disk. [i.e., half the time when I go into my memory cp, and create one it doesn't appear on my desktop]. Then, when I am able to finally create one it doesn't do anything. I just want to use it as a cache for IE5 but despite setting my IE preferences for it, nothing is being cache-ed in it. Any ideas other than sending in my Ti, again?

Thanks, T.
bil207 May 26, 2001 11:50 PM
Three beeps usually means a memory failure. Try starting up from the OS cd, If you don't hear any beeps it is probably a software issue. If you can start up from the cd run disk first aid. Also,if you have any other utilities ie. TT Pro, Norton Utilities,Disk Warrior try those. If you still hear the beeping and you have more than one memory chip installed try swaping them or removing one.

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TonyRado May 27, 2001 12:00 AM
Thanks Bil. I am able to start up fine after having zapped my pRAM, but occassionally when I crash the 3-Beep issue re-occurs. Is Norton's better than Disk First Aid? What's the best?
bil207 May 27, 2001 12:06 AM
If you have Nortons run Disk First aid first and then Nortons, Also see my above "edited" post.
loudpedal May 28, 2001 08:45 PM
I'll add my 2 cents about utilities.

I have used Disk First Aid (since it comes with the OS) and it's OK. I also have used Norton Utilities. It has done pretty well for me. It generally diagnoses memory and hard drive issues. I agree with bil207s comments.

I have some friends that use Tech Tool Pro 3 and they like it alot. It will diagnose a wider variety of hardware issues than Norton and from what I have been able to gather is generally superior.

Disk Warrior (from Alsoft) has some pretty awesome capabilities for diagnosing file system problems. It has won a lot of awards and seems to be more specialized but more capable in that specific area. One item to note: the last thing I have heard is that if OS X is on your hard drive you cannot use Disk Warrior, even when booting into OS 9.1. I hadn't heard when a patch will be available.
TonyRado May 29, 2001 12:37 AM
Well, I ran Norton's for the 2nd time in 5 years and now I remember why I didn't use it again after the 1st time. All it did was completely f*up all of my custom icons (which I'm very particular about) and I still can't use my RAM Disk. Anyone have anymore info about this? Apple Support said "send it in," but I know that means another week without my PB.

Presently, I have a RAM Disk sitting on my desktop with nothing in it. I have told IE to cache to it, but nothing ever goes does (since the 3-beep issue anyway). AND now everytime I "re-" lauch IE it resets the cache back to my "browser cache folder" on my HD. Any ideas???

FWIW, I think I remember doing a forum search and someone (wlonh?) saying that Tech Tool was really obscure, but that Disk Warrior was a must.

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