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cpatubo May 30, 2001 03:13 AM
Can't read CDs!
Aloha all,

I have a problem reading CDs... ANY CD. I get the message "This disk is unreadable by this computer. Do you want to initialize this disk?". This goes for all CDs, MacOS system disks too!

In the process of trying to troubleshoot, I've noticed that I cannot see the following extensions in my Extensions manager, although they are in the system folder:
  • ISO 9660 File Access
  • Audio CD Access
...And I know these extensions are for the CD/DVD drive.

My config:
  • 400 MHz Powerbook G4
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 10 GB HD
  • MacOS System 9.1

WillyB May 30, 2001 04:51 AM
Sounds like it's time to re-install those cd extensions... (possibly corrupt) Have you run Disk First Aid, or Norton's Disk Doctor, or TechTool Pro at all? I'd try every diagnostic utility first, and then as a last resort, re-installation of the Base OS set.

WillyB. -MacAddict Extraordinaire
yoyo52 May 30, 2001 12:36 PM
Use the utilitty of your choice to see if that helps. If those exensions are corrupt, though, maybe you could just get them from the Apple download site. Audio CD is at v. 5.2 and ISO s at v. 5.3.3. Otherwise, instead of going through the clean install process, you can use TomeViewer to get the specific files out of the installation CD. If that still doesn't work, then a clean installation might be in order

And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
cpatubo May 30, 2001 03:00 PM
I used TomeViewer to get the CD extensions off of the install CD... obviously, I cannot use the CD in my PowerBook to install because, hey, I can't read CDs!

I can't even start from a CD... so I can't do a clean install. Any suggestions for a workaround?

Thanks much!
oar May 30, 2001 05:33 PM
I know in older OSs' you also need Foreign File Access, High Sierra File Access, ISO 9600 File Access plus File Exchange. You may want to check if these are also in your Extensions folder (active) vs. in your Extensions (disabled) folder (inactive).
cpatubo May 30, 2001 08:30 PM
Thanks for all your advice, everyone!

Apple's Knowledge Base states that High Sierra File Access is not present in OS 9.1. I've already replaced:
  • Apple CD/DVD
  • Apple Photo Access
  • Foreign File Access
  • ISO 9660 File Access
  • Audio CD Access

I have also rebuilt the desktop, trashed the system prefs and zapped the PRAM. no avail.

I managed to boot from a Zip disk (since I cannot boot from CD) and I still cannot mount a CD. Could it possibly be a hardware problem? I am confused since it recognizes that there is a CD there, but says it is unreadable...
xyber233 May 31, 2001 03:59 PM
That recently happened to me. I can't even read floppies. I am way to exhausted to try and fix it.

cpatubo May 31, 2001 04:42 PM
Xyber, what system did this happen on? Did you experience this on a PowerBook as well?

I am at a loss. I've tried every possible software fix I could try, so I've deduced it is a hardware issue. I'm going to purchase AppleCare today (my 90 days was up on the 10th)...

yoyo52 May 31, 2001 06:55 PM
If you have a Ti PB, it must still be under warranty, so call Apple, tell them you have a hardware problem--don't trouble shoot on the phone, just get them to agree to see the machine. I had a HD problem with my Wallstreet PB about 10 months after I got the computer, and Apple fixed it at no cost at all to me. They'll send you a FedEx box to ship it in, and then send it back to you as quickly as possible.

I thought it had to be a hardware issue. Sorry for your troubles

And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
cpatubo May 31, 2001 08:15 PM
How long on average, does it take to repair when you send your machine to Apple? I need my Ti in my hands on June 14th, when I fly to California. Or maybe I can bring it to Apple myself when I go there.

It may just hafta wait until after my trip, if it'll take longer than 2 weeks...
yoyo52 May 31, 2001 10:48 PM
In my case it took less than a week, but I suppose it depends on what they have to do.

And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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