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amtravco Jul 13, 2002 12:47 PM
Odd disk activity
Every few days my iMac starts some sort of background disk activity. The disk clicking is continual, and is enough to make the cursor movement very jerky. I have gone so far as to quit every background process (using AppWatcher), but that doesn't stop it. I have also scanned for viruses, but found none. I usually just restart, and then I'm OK for a few days. It's also not Sherlock indexing. Any suggestions?

I would switch to OS X if there were any drivers for my hardware...
Gankdawg Jul 25, 2002 12:05 AM
Go into Extensions Manager and choose OS 9 All Extensions (or something like that, I use X now so I can't remember exactly). Reboot and play with computer for a while and see if problem repeats. If it doesn't, then one of your non-Mac extensions is creating the background havoc. It it still does, you might want to try Disk Warrior or Norton to see if there is something wrong with the drive.

Worst case scenario (other than bad drive) you might have to format and reinstall.
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