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wataru Jul 15, 2002 09:17 PM
Big QT6 installation problems
I tried to install QT6 from the standalone installer over QT5 on my OS 9.2.2 partition, but I keep getting weird errors. Here's a screenshot:
<img src="" alt=" - " />
Before anyone asks, yes, I do have a system folder on the partition, and yes, I did choose the correct partition in the pre-installation setup. This error usually occurs toward the end of the installation, and prevents it from completing no matter which option I choose (i.e. Minimum, Recommended, or Custom). After the error occurs, all files that were successfully installed are deleted, leaving me QT-less.

I've had weird problems with duplicate QuickTime files before, and this time I made sure to delete all the old ones before installing 6. Even so, I just can't complete an installation and it's driving me nuts!

Any ideas?

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Tom_O Jul 15, 2002 10:52 PM
I received the same error because I deleted all my old QuickTime 5.0.5 files before installing QuickTime 6. &nbsp; I then did a minimal install of QuickTime 5.0.5, restarted and QuickTime 6 installed without a problem. &nbsp; Good luck!!

AppleScript Jul 15, 2002 11:34 PM
If the VISE format QuickTime installers are used on a disk which does not contain a QuickTime™ file in the Extensions folder, they will refuse to run. VISE format installers are found with every standalone or web download version of QT4 or above. The installers bundled with larger updaters(such as 9.1 update), Apple install CDs, or the Mac OS X installs do not have this problem.

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