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Richard Angiel Jul 17, 2002 11:23 PM
Wierd flashing icon over apple in UL corner
All of a sudden, I have a strange icon flashing over the apple menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The icon appears to be a black shield with an exclamation point. Does anybody have an idea what the icon is signaling? :confused:

AppleScript Jul 17, 2002 11:34 PM
One of your background processes is signalling that it's found something it can't handle by itself. It may have detected a virus, or some problem with one or more of your mounted volumes.

Big Mac Jul 17, 2002 11:40 PM
Perhaps it's disk utility or virus detection software, as the previous poster postulated. On the other hand it could be some other third party application. Is the Apple Menu always flashing or only during certain events? If you have quit all applications and just have the Finder open while the menu blinks, it must be an INIT. You may wish to seach your Extensions or Control Panels folders (inside of System Folder) for any items with the icon in question. Once you find the particular application responsible, you can drag it and any of its associated files to the desktop, and then you should restart. Alternatively, you can use the Extensions Manager (control panel) to find the culprit. Feel free to ask for additional help if you can't solve the issue.

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